Crochet 3D Heart Pattern Lots of Cute Ideas

You will love this Crochet 3D Heart Pattern and we have the best collection of cute ideas and lots of free patterns to try ..

Crochet 3D Heart Free Pattern

Hearts are among our most popular crochet projects and now you can make your own 3D version. These are so cute with their button details and you can use them for so many things. A garland, a mobile or you can even fill them with your favorite scent. This way you can use them as draw deodorisers and give them as a gift.

If you go down this path, it’s a great idea to use Lavender Sachets. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. However you use them, we know you will love the results.

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How To Make 3D Crochet Heart Pattern

Supplies you need:

  • cotton yarn
  • Crochet hook  2.5mm
  • padding – polyester fiber (from toys, pillows, etc.)
  • needle with a larger handle
  • buttons, ribbons, beads, etc. for decorating


Getting to 20 MA, which forms the center of hearts. Crochet in the round around these central MA. Each row begins with the three MA and finish one PO to the third chain-eye.

Crochet 3D Heart Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial to show you how to make your own Crochet 3D Heart and the featured version has a gorgeous Picot Ruffle Edge. To watch the video, click play above ⇑

Crochet 3D Hearts Free Pattern

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Crochet 3D Heart Pattern

get free pattern —> Crochet 3D Heart Pattern 

Heart Motif Free Crochet

POPULAR POST ALERT! We have more gorgeous Heart Crochet for you including these stunning Heart Motifs – View Here

Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Boxes Free Pattern

Be sure that you keep scrolling our page and check out the other adorable projects that we have included for you. We know you will love the crochet heart storage boxes and the crochet heart granny squares too. Be sure that you view our page all the way to the end and you Pin your favourites as you go. You can find the above free pattern here

DIY Crochet Heart Storage Boxes

These Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets are perfect for all your odds and ends and how cute are they! These are an adorable project that are functional too! Free Pattern courtesy ‘My Poppet’

Crochet Storage Heart Baskets Free Pattern

get free pattern —> here

Pink Hanging Hearts Free Crochet Pattern

We have also included these very sweet Crochet Pink Hanging Hearts for you to try. They are another fabulous free pattern that you will love to try. You can find your pattern here

Hanging Hearts Free Crochet


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Crochet Heart Motif Applique FREE Tutorial

How do you plan to use these Crochet Heart Motifs! You’ll love the easy step by step Crochet video tutorial that teaches you how to make them. You can sew them onto whatever you like. They’re gorgeous! The pattern creator has included a tutorial for Left Handed hookers too —>  Crochet Heart Motif Pattern

Crochet Love Hearts Free Pattern

Crochet Granny Square Hearts —>  free pattern here

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