Fabric Crochet Quilt Is Perfect Next Project

We fell head over heels when we saw this gorgeous Fabric Crochet Quilt. This project will take your skills to a new level.

Crochet and Fabric Quilt Free Pattern

The combination of this lace like border and a patchwork style quilt is breathtaking to say the least. It has that familiar,vintage look that everyone loves and we mean everyone! Can you not imagine this sitting on the end of the bed or as a couple of pillowcases. It would make a beautiful cover too.

There are so many possibilities for this pattern and a beautiful baby blanket is another. It would make a great gift!Crochet and Fabric Quilt Free Pattern

We have found a wonderful free pattern for you so that you can make your own. We thought that you might like to see how the edging is done via a quick video tutorial. We encourage you to watch it above as once you learn this new technique you will be able to add crochet edging to absolutely anything.

You can add to tea towels, a dress, any blanket you have on hand, no doubt when you see how easy it is, you will be unstoppable! Be sure to view our post in its entirety, so you can view all the ideas.

Crochet Fabric Quilt Video Tutorial -:

It’s great to learn new skills. Once you view, continue scrolling our page for the Pattern details and other goodies we’ve included for you. To view video click Play ⇑Crochet And Fabric Quilt Free Pattern

What fabric will you be using in your project? We love the roses, you could even use some old pieces that are in your linen cupboard and create your own beautiful version. Continue scrolling our page for all the photos. There is a separate tutorial for the Quilt at the end of the post. Be sure to Pin.

Fabric Crochet Quilt The WHOot

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Crochet and Fabric Quilt

How To Make Fabric Crochet Quilt -:

This beautiful Blanket is inspiration only. It was found on ‘The Green Dragonfly’ Site – We suggest that you use the Fabric Quilt Tutorial and the rose crochet tutorial below. Combine it with the edging video that we included for you above ⇑ – Good luck and we’d love to see a picture when you make yours.

Crochet and Fabric Quilt

Need Fabric for your project? Get yours here 

Crochet Fabric Quilt

Check out more Quilts on Etsy –> Here 

Fabric Crochet QuiltCrochet Fabric Quilt

Here’s another gorgeous version of the Crochet Quilt, this was completed by the Blogger, there is no pattern as such but Lillian has done a wonderful job, we’re sure you’ll agree – source

Crochet Fabric Quilt

We love this Fabric Crochet Quilt from Etsy

Fabric Crochet Quilt

Fabric Crochet Quilt via Redneval

Fabric Crochet Quilt

Crochet Fabric Quilt via Etsy

High Tea Crochet Quilt Free Pattern

Here’s another gorgeous Crochet Quilt known as ‘High Tea’ that comes with a full tutorial and video instructions. You can grab the details on the ‘Fanny Lu Designs’ Site here 

Fabric and Crochet Quilt Free Pattern

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High Tea Crochet Quilt Tutorial

You can learn how to make this Crochet and Fabric Quilt Pattern on the Quilting Board. This will come close to the version that we featured above. You can find the details here.

Crochet and Fabric Quilt Free Tutorial

The Crochet Rose below from ‘Lisa Auch’ will finish your project off. You can find the free pattern here

Crochet Flower Free Pattern

We love this gorgeous crochet memory quilt. There is no pattern as such as we found the image only on Pinterest however you can view how to transfer photos onto fabric here


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