Colon Cleanse Toxin Flush – Internal Spring Clean

Learn how to cleanse 30 Pounds of Toxins in your Colon. It’s the ultimate Spring Clean and you only need 2 ingredients!

How to cleanse your Colon wth Kefir

This Colon Cleanse Diet will detox your digestive system in just 21 days. Apparently, it can clean up to 30 pounds of Toxins that have accumulated in your Colon. As a result, this greatly aids with well-being and weight loss. Your Colon and Intestines are a vital part of your digestive system.

It removes parasites, toxins and undigested solid matter. If these accumulate in the Colon, they can lead to a number of common complaints. Weight gain, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, hearing and vision issues, arthritis and cancer are just some of the consequences. Poor hair and nail growth is another effect.

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How to cleanse your Colon wth Kefir and Flax Seeds

How To Cleanse Toxins From Colon Info via Human Health

All you need are 2 ingredients that can be found online, or in your local health store for the ultimate Body Spring Clean!

Flax Seed Flour and Kefir which you blend together will replace your breakfast for 3 weeks. If you’re not familiar with Kefir, it’s the rich creamy liquid shown in the photo above. It tastes very similar to yogurt. Whilst there are many flavors, a plain Kefir is recommended for the Colon Cleanse.

Kefir is packed full of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Flaxseed (also known as Linseed) is a popular natural home remedy that’s commonly used to help burn body fat plus cleanse the Colon. As with any type of cleansing diet you need to keep up a high water consumption. This is what flushes the toxins out of your body – the recipe recommends 8 glasses of water a day. As with any type of cleansing diet you need to keep up a high water consumption. This is what flushes the toxins out – the recipe recommends 8 glasses of water a day.

Be sure to check out the Liver Detox Diet post too – it’s full of tips and homemade detox juices which will help you increase your energy levels and overall wellbeing.

How To Clean 30 Pounds of Accumulated Toxins in Your Body

How To Cleanse Toxins From Colon Info via Human Health

How To Cleanse Your Colon Of Toxins

To follow this suggested plan, you will replace Breakfast with this blend of Flax Seed and Kefir. It’s important that you follow the quantities precisely to achieve the optimal results.

  • Week 1-: 1 Tblspn Flaxseed flour + 100 ml Kefir
  • Week 2-: 2 Tblspn Flaxseed flour + 100 ml of Kefir
  • Week 3-: 3 Tblspn Flaxseed flour + 150 ml of Kefir

You can purchase Flaxseed Flour online or at health stores. You can also buy some Flaxseeds and grind them up to produce your own flour if you prefer. It’s best to store your Flaxseeds in the fridge and if you grind up enough for a few days, the flour will keep well in the fridge too.

Important: It is recommended that this plan be followed once a year only. It is not designed for more than this and may cause stress to your body. We would also suggest that you consult with your Health Professional before embarking on such a plan.

10 Benefits of Flaxseeds

Dr Axe has a suggestion that is very safe and easy on the body. He recommends a Salt Water Colon Cleanse. Pure sea salt, lemon juice and hot filtered water are the ingredients.

Salt Water Flush For Colon

How To Cleanse Your Colon Video

Be sure to watch the Dr Axe video for some great advice regarding cleansing your colon naturally. Click Play below to view ⇑ Here’s what he says ..

“To work at its best, your colon needs no interference from foods that may block it from doing its job. The #1 step to follow is to eliminate processed and refined foods that will cause intestinal inflammation.”

Top Foods for Cleansing your colon:

  • Eat Fermented Vegetables (sauerkraut and kimchi)
  • Consume more probiotic-rich foods (kefir, goats milk)
  • Eat Apples- Cleanse the colon with Pectin
  • Avocados- Fiber rich and contain Potassium and Magnesium- flush out colon from toxins.
  • Flax Seeds or Sprouted Flax (loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Triphala- Herb used in India and Asia as a tonic to support colon function
  • Get more clean water! 8 glasses a day of pure clean water

Ideas For Week Long Colon Cleanse

• Breakfast- Superfood Smoothie ⁃ Collagen protein powder, apple, vegetables (celery and cucumber) ⁃ TBS flax meal and 1/2 avocado. • Lunch- Superfood salad ⁃ Organic lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, ⁃ Apple Cider Vinegar ⁃ TBS of extra virgin olive oil • Dinner- Bone broth soup ⁃ Vegetables, chicken, chicken broth • Supplement- take probiotics (2 caps 2x a day)

By following this, you will see great improvements in constipation and colon health. While we’re on the subject, do you know what your Poo says about you? Have you heard of the Bristol Stool Chart? It is used worldwide by the medical profession and you can check your stools against the chart. You can view our post here

Natural Colon Cleanser

via Human Health

The Hearty Soul has created an excellent colon cleanser that can help to detoxify the colon and promote overall health. It is a 4-Ingredient Apple-Honey Mixture which contains the fiber, nutrients, and vitamins the body needs to expel toxins while helping heal the body. The colon cleanser contains

  • 1 apple
  • 1 tbsp- flax seed
  • 1 tbsp- Chia
  • 1 tbsp- honey
  • cup of water

Blend all ingredients together and wait until chia seeds start expanding. Drink on an empty stomach to rid toxic waste.

Colon Cleanse Flush Toxins

Power of Positivity have another 2 ingredient recipe.

Fill a glass with 8 ounces of warm water and then add:

– 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

– 2 tablespoons of raw honey

They suggest “Stir this mixture well until the honey dissolves. You can drink this at the start of your day or anytime you feel like you need to cleanse your colon”

Guide To A Better Bowel

Image via Yogi Surprise

In order to have a better Bowel, there are certain things that are best to avoid or reduce intake of. This includes alcohol, processed sugar, coffee, whey, to name a few. On the consume side, whole fruits, coconut oil, green tea, veggies and leafy greens are preferable. Apple Cider Vinegar is also encouraged. We have a post that explains the benefits of Apple Cider here.

9 Herbs That Naturally Kill Parasites

Paleo Hacks have compiled this excellent infographic that show 9 herbs that will help to naturally fight Parasites in the body. Be sure to Pin.

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