Foot Detox Pads That You Can Make Yourself

You are going to love to make your own Foot Detox Pads and they have many benefits. Be sure to watch the video too.

Homemade Foot Pads to detox your body

In a world that is increasingly fast paced and filled with chemicals, it’s no wonder that we could all do with a decent detox. Of course you could go to a Day Spa for a detox but that can be expensive. These days more are looking for the best home remedy they can find and this do it yourself foot detoxification should definitely be on your list to try.

So, the question is “feet detox pads – do they work?’ – One way is to search ‘feet detox patches reviews’ and see what others are saying. We did and whilst there is a mixture of responses, we found plenty that said they woke up feeling a whole lot less stressed the next day. That can only be a good thing! Feet Detox Pads have apparently been used in ancient Chinese medicine.

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Homemade Foot Pads to Detox Your Body Overnight

How To Make Foot Detox Pads -:

You will love trying these foot detox pads at home and this feet detox recipe has ingredients that include Turmeric Powder, Ginger Powder, Green Tea, Chamomile, Lemon Zest and Paprika. They work overnight while you sleep. You will need to blend all the ingredients with water and then apply to pieces of gauze and cover with cheesecloth. They attach to the bottom of your feet.

Detoxing will help you sleep better, you will feel benefits such as increased energy. It can reduce bad breath, headaches and migraines, constipation and general aches and pains. A good liver detox is another way to get your energy up.

Detox Drink Recipe Video

While you’re here, we have included the 10 signs you need a detox further down our page. Check out what Dr Josh Axe recommends you try. You are going to love to road test his secret detox drink. Click Play above to view ⇑

Feet Detox Pads

We have found another version of the foot detox pads recipe. For this one, you will need Onion, Garlic, Water, self-stick gauze pads and a pair of socks. You will start by slicing your onion and garlic until it is chopped up well. Set it aside. In the meantime, you should be boiling up some water. You will be adding the finely sliced garlic and onions to the water and boiling it for a further 10 minutes. Once this process is complete you will need to cool the water for around 20 minutes. You will then pour the mixture into the center of the self-stick gauze pads.

Don’t go overboard here. You only want to pour on enough to get it wet. If you have too much liquid, you will need to squeeze out the excess. Be sure that you don’t wet the sticky part of the pads. You will then attach to the soles of your feet. Make it the centre section of the underside of your foot. Pop on your socks, this will help them to stay in place. Go to bed and relax and peel them off in the morning and discard – Source -: Beauty Box Online 10 signs You Need A Detox

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