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You’ll be amazed what your Tongue has to say. Learn to perform a Tongue Health Diagnosis and how to scrape your tongue ..

Tongue Diagnosis

Have you ever wondered why your visit to your doctor usually starts off by asking you to poke your tongue out?  You’ll be totally amazed at what your tongue reveals about your health. The tongue is an important indicator of health and is linked to so many vital organs. The different colors, shapes, bumps and textures of your tongue give you important inside information.

The back of the tongue reflects your bladder and kidneys, the tip is linked to heart health, the center is the spleen and the sides of your tongue are your liver. We’ve gathered all the best Pinnable Charts for you and we hope you learn lots of great information along the way. You will also find a video further down our page that has additional health news that you will not want to miss. As you scroll our page to the end, be sure to Pin as you go. Please remember, this is general information only. It is no substitute for a registered Health Professional or your Doctor.

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Tongue Diagnosis

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If your tongue is red with cracks on the surface, this usually indicates a fungal infection in the body. It’s often accompanied by night sweats, problems sleeping and irritability. A pale tongue surface can suggest anemia or a hormonal imbalance in women. Antibiotics can often have an adverse side effect on your tongue too. Be sure to also check out how to use Coconut Oil (Oil Pulling) to improve your dental health and hygiene plus detoxify your body using all natural ingredients.Tongue Secrets

Tongue diagnosis is an ancient Indian diagnosis technique which many health issues can be diagnosed. When the tongue is examined a number of things are taken into consideration. The color of the tongue body, its size and shape, the color and thickness of coating is an indication of abnormalities.

Tongue Diagnosis

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These signs reveal the overall health to specific organ function, especially in the digestive system. The tongue is a fleshy mass and has color, texture and shape independent from the apparent qualities of the tongue coating. A pale tongue body indicates the excess cold. An overly red tongue indicates the excess heat. A pale purple color indicates the stagnation related to cold. A reddish purple tongue indicates the stagnation related to heat. A bright red tongue color may indicate iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. 

A normal tongue is pink or light red colour. The red tip of the tongue is linked to heat in the heart. A scarlet color tongue may indicate heart or lung issues depending on the area of the swelling. A pale tongue body indicates blood circulation deficiency. As you can see, your tongue has plenty to say!


A swollen tongue indicates both spleen and heart heat. This could be due to excess alcohol consumption. If you have a big or enlarged tongue, this indicates the deficiency of spleen and kidney. A hammer shaped tongue indicates the spleen, stomach, and kidneys. The hammer shaped tongue can be linked to serious medical conditions.  Some of these include mental illness.

If your tongue is swollen on both sides, this could be affecting your liver and gallbladder. Swollen between tip and centre of the surface may cause lung and spleen issues. The Tongue represents the strong visual indicators of a person’s overall harmony or disharmony. It is one of the best resources available to understanding your inner health. Source –Nadipathy


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A thin yellow layer in the middle of your tongue can suggest problems with digestion and skin diseases.  Swollen edges on your tongue and a thin white layer is usually an indicator of digestive system problems and susceptibility to water retention.

Scraping the tongue has cumulative benefits: fresher breath, less plaque buildup, and healthier gums. It’s easy to do, totally painless and a Tongue Scraper is very inexpensive. The Ayurvedic name for tongue scraping is Jiva Sodhana. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine is a very ancient traditional health technique which assists in keeping both the body and mind well balanced.

Tongue Health Diagnosis Video

Did you know that the tongue is the strongest muscle in your body? It’s not just there for your sense of taste! The above infographic  illustrates some of the most common conditions that your Tongue reveals about your health. We’ve included a video below that will explain in detail, be sure to watch.It’s the moment of truth! Find out what your Tongue is trying to tell you. Learn some vital tips and tricks. Click Play above to view ⇑


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Tongue Diagnosis

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