Poo-Pouri Toilet Spray Slays The Nasties For Good

Make your Loo brand new with this Miracle Toilet Spray that eliminates nasty odours instantly. You will love Poo-pouri!

Poo Pouri Spray

Have you discovered Poo-Pouri? Maybe you have seen one of their legendary ads .. they are hilarious! We have all been in a situation whether it be a bad stomach or a bus trip that has the dreaded one toilet! Whatever the situation, now there is no need to stress. You can have your own secret weapon that will ensure you are never left red faced. Poo-Pouri is a product that you use before you go! Yes, you heard right. If the feedback on Amazon is anything to go by, it absolutely 100% works.

The rave reviews for this #1 Best Seller are endless. Well, we’ve found you a homemade recipe and we also have included one of the hilarious videos that guarantee to give you a chuckle. As always, scroll our page for all the info, and pin your favorites.
Poo Pouri

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We simply couldn’t go by without sharing the fabulous Poo-Pouri Ad with you. Click play above to view now and be prepared for a laugh .. ⇑If you would like to buy your own Poo-Pouri, you can grab it at the link below.

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Poo Pouri Infographic

As you can see from the chart above, Poo-pouri comes in an assortment of different fragrances and a handy purse pack size. You will never be caught short again! So what makes it so special and how does it work?

The main difference is this is a pre-spray. We all know that those horrible synthetic sprays simply don’t work but this spray traps the smell and the bacteria in a barrier. As we said earlier, you only need to look on Amazon to see the reviews, it really is a Miracle Product that will come in so handy.

Poo Pourri Spray

 Homemade Poo Pourri Spray via Listotic

Homemade Poo-pouri Recipe

Ingredients Needed

  • Water
  • 1 Teaspoon Rubbing Alcohol
  • 30-40 drops essential oil
  • mini spray bottle

Mix the rubbing alcohol and the essential oils of your choice. You can use the infographic above for some popular combinations that include fruity, herbal, masculine and holiday fragrances. Fill the remainder of your bottle with water. Every time you go to use your spray, give it a good shake.  

To use Poo-pouri, spray 4-6 times in to the toilet water. Poop as usual. The oils will act as a barrier and trap the smell. 

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