Transfer Photos To Wood With Mod Podge Video Tutorial

You will be amazed to learn to transfer photos onto wood with Mod Podge, it’s so easy and the results are amazing!

Transfer Photos To Wood With Mod Podge

Mount your most precious memories on Wooden Blocks and create a gorgeous gallery of photos. These block mounted photos all use the popular craft aid Mod Podge.

We’ve also included how to transfer your photos onto wood and wooden slices for a more vintage look. So, now you can mount and transfer, or use a combination, choice is yours!Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

We have also included a tutorial that shows you how to transfer photos onto wooden blocks and also drink coasters! Check out the Photo Plates too. We have also included a tutorial that shows you how to transfer photos onto wooden blocks and also wooden slices, further down our page.

Check out the Photo Plates too. Add some ribbon to your Photos to complete the look. There are so many ways that you can display and present your photos and a Family Gallery in a favorite space at your place!Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

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How To Transfer Photos Onto Wood Video Tutorial -:

Be sure to watch the video above from 5 Minute Crafts. This will show you how to create vintage creations, quickly and easily and you are absolutely going to love the results! Click Play above to view ⇑

Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

via Soho Sonnet 

How To Transfer Photos To Wood With Mod Podge -:

We have included a quick video that shows you how easy it is to Block Mount Photos. What you need to do is select the piece of wood that you want and then trace your photo so that it sits on the wood. You will then spray paint or stain your wood up to the color that you want. If using paint use an acrylic version for best results. Let it completely dry before you begin the process.

Transfer Photos To Wood Mod Podge

Wooden Blocks via Etsy 

You will then paint Mod Podge from the center to adhere your picture. Be generous with your application. Smooth it out so that there are no trapped air bubbles. You want a completely smooth result. That is unless you are achieving an aged result. This actually looks better when it is more bumpy and imperfect. Once you have your photo in place, seal it.

Again, you use Mod Podge. Use a finer brush to completely cover your photo using light brush strokes as in the video. Click the play button above ⇑ to watch.

How to Transfer Photos To Wood Video Tutorial -:

As we mentioned above, you can also Transfer Photos direct to wood as shown in the photos. If this is the look you would like to go for, you will need to pop your photo upside down onto the wood block. You will then seal it, remove any bubbles, let it dry overnight, then wet the surface and rub the paper off.  Be sure to hit play and view the video for this excellent technique that is super easy when you know how. Video is above ⇑

Block Mounted Photos Tutorial

You can see from the Photos above that it is a very easy technique. Don’t you love the results! You can then add ribbons, bows, rope or anything you like to hang your wooden blocks with. You can buy Mod Podge here

Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

—> Like to have some Family Photo Blocks made for you? You can Order yours here

Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

Photo Pallet Plaque via Designer Pallets 

Love this idea using Pallets. This is via a talented Company who can make these up for you.

Wooden Block Mounted Photos

via Soho Sonnet 

We found these beautiful examples of Photo Wood Blocks on the ‘Soho Sonnet’ Site and don’t they look fabulous. Remember, you can paint your wood any color to match your decor.

Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

Photo Wood Slices via Parental Perspective

Here’s another awesome idea, you can transfer photos onto wood slices. Don’t you love the effect! Analisa from Parental Perspective got us excited with her project and you won’t be able to make it yourself. If you don’t have any wood slices laying around, we found some on Amazon here – She has put together an easy to follow tutorial and please, if you make the project, we would love to see the results. Visit Analisa here

Photo Transfer Wood Mod Podge

via Designer Pallets 

Transfer Photos Wood Mod Podge

Photo Pallet Plaque via Designer Pallets 

family photo letters

Letter Blocks via Stories By Me 

Here’s another way to display your family photos, you will love to try these family photo blocks. These would work well for centerpieces on tables for all your favorite occasions or you could pile them up in the corner on a dresser in a Nursery or any other room of your choice. You can spell out names, words, and it’s such a cute idea.

You will again use Mod Podge for this project so be sure to buy a decent amount as it will come in handy for all the projects that we have featured in this post. You can check out the details on how to make them here
Photo Plates

These Photo Plates are another very popular DIY and you can find the details here

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