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We love buttons and if you do too, this collection of Button Wall Art will no doubt inspire you to get creating! There are so many things you can make with buttons and these designs can be easily recreated. You can inject your personality with different sizes and styles like this stunning Peacock below that we found on Etsy.

You can use painted backgrounds, fabric, wallpaper or simply add some burlap. You can also make your button art to suit themes like a Pumpkin for fall for example.

You can add them to a canvas with your hot glue gun and you will have a truly stunning piece. It makes a beautiful homemade gift too! You can make animals, or even letters for words or the kids names. Monograms like the one featured below from Etsy look great too and we love the ribbon hanger and the fabric background.

There is no limit to what you can do, let your imagination run wild! Be sure that you scroll our page all the way to the end. We have included lots of beautiful versions that you will not want to miss. You will also find a video that is filled with loads of great uses for your buttons, be sure to watch. monogram-button-art

What You’ll Need to Make Button Art Wall Hanging-:

Materials -:


Acrylic paint

Paint brush

Mod Podge

picture of animal, tree etc to trace onto canvas

Hight temp. hot glue gun



Instructions: Google an image that you would like to use for your Button Art creation. Trace it onto your backdrop using a marker or pencil. You can colour the image in like a silhouette and only use buttons in certain areas or you can use buttons in the entire picture. Use your hot glue gun or any clear glue to adhere your buttons. You can add glitter and brooches and glass gems, in fact anything you like to your creation. There are no design rules. Just GO for it!

Images above from Painted Buttons and available for purchase on Etsy


We adore this Button Butterfly that includes Swavroski Crystals. Available —> Etsy


You can add texture to your canvas for a lovely backdrop as the creator of this beautiful Sea Horse has done. We found this gorgeous version on Etsy


Here’s another gorgeous button art idea. We love this Fox on Etsy


We love this Button Tree and it’s another gorgeous example you’ll love to make.


Don’t you just adore this framed Disney Princess Button Art. This is such a cute idea and very easy to recreate. We found this stunner and the Tinkerbell version below on Etsy


We’re excited to share this excellent video with you. There are so many uses for your Buttons and you are going to be amazed at all the different ways that the creator shows. You will love these ideas. To view click Play above ^^^


The following beautiful designs including the Button Balloon, Button Bird, Button Butterfly, Button Dragonfly and Button Horse Carousel are all available for purchase from Painted Buttons on Etsybutton-bird button-butterfly button-dragonfly button-horse-carousel

The above beautiful designs including the Button Balloon, Button Bird, Button Butterfly, Button Dragonfly and Button Horse Carousel are all available for purchase from Painted Buttons on Etsy

Peacock Button Art

We found this gorgeous Peacock Button Art on EtsyButton Heart Art

You’ll find Owls, Hearts, Apples and more in our post. Once you work out what it is you want to make you should google some images that you can trace. You can pop them on canvas that have material like the Heart Button Art above. You could wallpaper the background or leave it white. You could also paint in a background. There are just so many options. You can achieve a beautiful texture and 3d look by creating layers of buttons. The best part about this craft is that anything goes. There really are no rules!

Button Heart Art TutorialDon’t you just love this Button Heart Canvas Art from ‘The Woman Cave’

Heart, Owl, Tree, Apple Button Wall Art

Owl Button Wall ArtThis stunning Owl Button Wall Art is great inspiration. We love the way he has been added to a piece of wood and has the rope handle, it looks lovely and rustic. Found on Etsy.

Button Tree Wall ArtTrees are popular when it comes to Button Art is a great example we found on Etsy

Apple Button Wall ArtThis Apple looks lovely and is a simple project. We found it on Etsy.

Owl Button ArtYou can find a full tutorial for this gorgeous Owl Button Art in a further post on our site. Isn’t he super cute. He would look lovely hanging on your wall and as you can see, he’s simple to recreate. Find him here

Button Art Animals

Here’s some more adorable Button ideas including a Hippo, Giraffe, Pink Flamingo, Owl, Bird, Duck and Elephant. You will find lots more ideas in our other post here


Here’s another great way to use up your buttons. Create words. Simply add your buttons to cut out cardboard letters and hot glue the buttons to the backing via —> Bright Star Kids

Peacock Button Art

We found this gorgeous Peacock on the ‘Crafty Crazy’ Site here

Button Bowl

These Button Bowls have been just so popular and you make them with a Balloon. Find them here

Button Tree Wall Art
This Button Tree Wall Art has been a very popular project on our site and you will find it easy to make. You can find the full tutorial here

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