Easy Christmas Handprint Footprint Art Ideas

You’ll love this collection of inspiration and these Christmas Hand and Footprint Art Ideas have something for everyone!

Hand and Footprint Art The WHOot

One of the most special things you can do at Christmas Time is to use Hand and Foot Prints to create gorgeous family Keepsakes. We have put together a collection of some of our favourites and we’re sure you’ll come up with a few fabulous ideas of your own as a result! Be sure that you scroll our page and check them all out.

Don’t forget to Pin your favourites! These will be treasured memories that you will have forever and they are perfect gifts for family and friends!Christmas Handprint ArtChristmas Clay Handprint Ornaments

Handprint Wreath

 Holiday Handprint Wall Art

Jingle all the way Handprint ArtHandprint Christmas Plaque

Reindeer Handprint ArtReindeer Handprint Art

Salt Dough Reindeer FootprintsReindeer Salt Dough Footprint Art Tutorial

Frozen Olaf Salt Dough OrnamentFrozen Olaf Salt Dough Ornament

reindeer salt dough footprint ornaments

Reindeer Salt Dough Footprint Art Tutorial

Baking Soda Clay OrnamentBaking Soda Clay Ornaments 

Handprint Reindeer Art with Footprint SleighHand Reindeer & Footprint Sleigh

Handprint Reindeer Art

Reindeer Handprint Art

Mistletoes Christmas Footprint Art - The WHOotChristmas Footprint Art Tutorial

Christmas Hand and Foot Art

Our member Brooke made these lovely Hand & Footprints with her 2 year old daughter!

Christmas Footprint Art Tutorial

Christmas Footprint Art

Mistletoes Foot Print Art Mistletoes Foot Print Art

Christmas Baby Mistletoes Foot Art

Baby Mistletoes Foot Art

Candy Cane Fingerprints Canvas Christmas Art

Finger Print Candy Cane

Christmas Foot Prints - Reindeer Foot Print, Penguin Foot Print, Christmas Tree Foot Print, Snowman FootrprintChristmas Foot Print Art

Let It Snow Christmas Handprint

Salt Dough Snowman Christmas HandprintChristmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament with Thumb Print Lights

Christmas Salt Dough Ornament

Hand Print Reindeer Hat

Reindeer Hat Hand Print

Santa Hand Prints

Santa Hand Prints

Reindeer Shirt Print

Reindeer Hand Print Tutorial

Santas Footprints

Santa’s Foot Prints

Thumbprint Reindeer Gift tags

Reindeer Gift Tags Tutorial

Christmas Lights Fingerprints

Christmas Lights Finger Print

Christmas sleigh footprint art

Hand Reindeer & Footprint Sleigh 
Fingerprint Reindeers

Fingerprint Reindeers

Footprint Penguins

Penguin Footprints 

Footprint Snowman

Snowman Footprint

Hand and Foot print Christmas Ornaments

Hand Print Ornament Art

Handprint ornaments

Christmas Handprint Ornaments

Handprint Elves and Santa Art

Handprint Elves Art

Handprint Reindeers and Santa

Santa and Reindeer Hand Print Art

Handprint Reindeers

Handprint Reindeers Art

Penguin Footprint Art

get tutorial —> Penguin Footprint Art Tutorial

Handprint Santa Tutorial

get tutorial —> Santa Hand Print Art Tutorial

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