Free Crochet Christmas Slippers Cutest Collection

You will love this fabulous collection of Free Crochet Christmas Slippers! We’ve even found you some cute knitted versions too!

Crochet and Knitted Christmas Slippers Free Patterns

Some of the most popular projects on our site have been Slippers. Whether they are knitted or crochet, we have even shown you how to make them out of old sweaters!

Well, today we are sharing some festive versions that will make your celebrations a whole lot more special! You’ll love to make these fabulous Crochet & Knitted Christmas Slippers and they’re perfect for keeping your feet warm this holiday season.
Slippers Gift Idea

Be sure to scroll our page and check out all the different versions. You will be spoilt for choice and the only issue will be working out which ones to make first!

Slippers make a wonderful gift idea and here’s a great way to present them to the recipient. We love this idea that we found on Pretty Providence – Just fill a pair of slippers with some goodies and secure with a bow. What a great gift idea and inexpensive!Knitted Elf Slippers Free Pattern

get pattern via Craft Foxes —> Knitted Elf Slippers 

Crochet Santa Slippers - FREE Pattern

get free pattern via Garn Studio —> Santa Crochet Slippers

crochet baby elf booties free pattern

Get free pattern via Ravelry —> Crochet Elf Slippers

crochet elf slippers free pattern

get free pattern via Ravelry —>  Crochet Elf Slippers

santa baby booties free pattern

get free pattern via Yarn Inspirations —>  Santa Booties Pattern

Crochet Elf Slippers FREE Pattern

get pattern —> Crochet Elf Slippers FREE Pattern

Santa Crochet Booties

Purchase ready made Santa Crochet Booties —> get them here

Knitted Elf Slippers FREE Pattern

get pattern —> Knitted Elf Slippers FREE Pattern

Knitted Elf Shoes Free Pattern

get pattern —> Knitted Elf Slippers FREE Pattern

Elf Slippers Free Crochet Pattern

get pattern —> Elf Slippers Free Crochet Pattern

Knitted Elf Slippers Free Patterns

get pattern —> Knitted Elf Slippers Free Patterns

Santa Booties Pattern

get pattern —> Santa Booties Pattern 

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