How To Make A Puff Quilt Its Easy When You Know

Puff Quilts are timeless and now you can make your own at home. You are going to love this beautiful collection of ideas ..

Puff Quilt Tutorial

Puff Quilts are just so beautiful. The lovely contrasting patchwork squares add a texture to the quilt that is rarely found in any other style. They look great draped across the end of the bed and give a wonderful, luxurious look. We were super excited to find this gorgeous Puff Quilt on line and whilst it is inspiration only, it got us looking for a tutorial to share.

We knew one look and you would want to make your own and we’re happy to report we have found an easy to follow instructional that you will love.

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How To Make A Puff Quilt Tutorial

The Blogger has written the tutorial for her daughter who is new to sewing. As a result, she walks you through the tutorial in plain english. There’s no fancy jargon to get you confused. This is such a bonus when learning a new skill.

You can make your Puff Quilt in colors to match your decor or you can be more adventurous. Think about mixing patterns and plains to achieve the best look and be bold with your colors. Remember, patchwork looks so good because it is lots of patterns that tend to be at odds and clash!Be sure to scroll our page and check out all the ideas and Pin your favorites. 

How To Make Puff Quilt Video

We have included an easy video tutorial to step you through the process. You will learn lots of tips and tricks along the way. Click Play above now to view ⇑

How To Make A Puff Quilt Tutorial

 Puff Quilt Tutorial – Part 1 | Puff Quilt Tutorial

How To Make A Puff Quilt

Puff Quilt Tutorial – Part 1 | Puff Quilt Tutorial

Puff Quilt Cushions

Puff Quilt Cushions via Sew Sweetness

Puff Quilt

Puff Quilt | Source Only

Puff Quilt Chair Tutorial

Puff Quilt Chair Cover via Sew We Quilt

Bubble Quilt Chair Covers

Bubble Quilt Chair Covers | Source Only

Want More? You are going to love this gorgeous Bubble Quilt and it’s perfect for bubs! —>  Check out the Project Details here

Bubble Quilt

Post source : bubble quilt tutorial

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