Drawstring Toy Mat Tutorial Is A Cinch To Make

This Drawstring Toy Mat Tutorial is just what you’re looking for. It’s Toy Storage and Play Mat in one and will come in so handy!

Drawstring Toy Mat Tutorial

Do you find yourself tripping over toys, or worse still, getting stabbed in the foot by LEGO in the dark of night?

If you’re a Parent or Grandparent, you can no doubt relate. So many of those little pieces end up stuck down the back of furniture and couches or lost forever! They are always lurking in a corner and just waiting to trip you up! Stress no more, now you can make this brilliant drawstring bag that will hold all the toys.

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Drawstring Toy Mat Tutorial

instructions —> Drawstring Toy Mat Tutorial

This drawstring playmat is pure genius!  The best part, it has dual functionality. It’s also easy to make yourself. This is perfect for popping on the floor, or on the grass at the park. It would even work well at the beach. When not in use, you simply put all the items on the mat and pull the drawcord.

It turns into a handy bag that is easy to carry. This is great for sleep overs at Grandma’s. We have included a video tutorial for you to watch. You’ll be stepped through the process and see just how easy it is to make yourself. Continue scrolling for details.

How To Make Drawstring Toy Mat -:

Would you like to make your own Drawstring Play Mat? Click Play above to watch the video now ⇑

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