Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free Knitted Video Tutorial

You are going to love knitting up a gorgeous rainbow Entrelac Blanket and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free

We love this beautiful Entrelac Knitted technique and we have the FREE Blanket Pattern for you to try. The texture is stunning and lends itself to all your favorite projects. We have also included a very helpful video tutorial for you further down our page.

Be sure to view and see how to create this stitch at home. It will certainly take your skills to a whole new level! Check out the Honeycomb Knitted Blanket too. You will find it at the end of our post.  Scroll all the way to the end and pin those you love!

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Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free

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Scroll our page to check out all the different versions. We also have included Entrelac Rainbow Socks at the end of the post. Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free

Follow along with the video tutorial. To watch, click Play below ⇓

How To Make Entrelac Knitted Blanket -:

Notes below via Creator -:

*Size 6 (4 mm) needles Tapestry needle *I recommend for this project that you use circular needles. Not only is this blanket large, and a traditional needle will probably not be long enough, but also, this blanket gets heavy. The weight of the blanket is easier to manage on circular needles, and the repeated turning of your work will be less cumbersome – Creator – Nikki, In Stitches

Get Free Pattern —> Entrelac Knitted Baby Blanket

Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free

Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free

via Ravelry get pattern –> here

Entrelac Knitted Blanket Free Pattern


via Craftsy Site —> here

Entrelac Knitted Blanket Free Pattern

Get free pattern —> Knitted Entrelac Free Pattern


Get Pattern —> Knitted Entrelac Blanket

Entrelac Baby Blanket Free PatternGet Pattern —> Knitted Entrelac Blanket

Entrelac Knitted Baby Blanket

Purchase via Etsy —> Knitted Entrelac Baby Blanket 

Entrelac Baby Blanket

Get pattern —> Entrelac Baby Blanket

Entrelac Blanket Pattern Free

purchase Etsy Pattern —> Entrelac Knitted BlanketEntrelac Blanket Pattern

purchase Etsy Pattern —> Entrelac Knitted BlanketEntrelac Blanket Pattern

purchase Etsy —> Entrelac Blanket Pattern



get pattern —> Entrelac Blanket Pattern

Entrelac Rainbow Knitted Socks

Get Pattern –>  Entrelac Rainbow Knitted Socks Tutorial

Honeycomb Knitted Blanket Free PatternGet Free Pattern —>  Honeycomb Knitted Blanket Free Pattern

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