Flip Flop Hangers DIY Easy Video Tutorial

You are going to love this fabulous idea. Everyone can benefit from this Hanging Flip Flops DIY. Watch the video tutorial now ..

Flip Flop Hangers DIY

Clear up your clutter and make space in your wardrobe.  Now your Flip Flops and Sandals will be accessible and you can make this awesome storage solution for next to nothing! All you need are some metal coat hangers and some decorative paper and you are in Business!  This is a very clever idea and you will love feeling so organized. It works well with limited space.

The tutorial uses a pair of needle nosed pliers to bend the wire hangers but you’ll find you can shape them easily just with your hands. We have included a video tutorial below for you to watch. Be sure that you scroll our page for details and Pin your favorites.

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Flip Flop Hangers original

Flip Flop Hangers via Epbot

A great tip is to use lightweight coat hangers. They are easier to work with and will bend easier. In the video below, the Vlogger estimates that this Shoe Organizer costs less than $1 to make. This would work great for your scarves and even your Jewelry. We’re sure that you could find ways to use it in other parts of your home too. It’s perfect for kids rooms too.

How To Make Flip Flops Hanger DIY

Be sure to watch the video tutorial that we have included for you above. You will find it very easy to follow and you are going to love the results. Click Play above now to watch ⇑

Shoe Hanger

Flip Flop Hangers via Epbot

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Scarf Ankle Wrap Sandles

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