Hanging Bed Organizer Tutorial Watch The Video

A Hanging Bed Organizer will come in so handy. You’ll love the results of this super simple diy. It’s perfect for all your needs.

Hanging Bed Organizer

We bet there are so many times when you wish you just had a pocket to pop your bits in, especially when you are reading in bed or watching tv. Well now, instead of throwing things on your nightstand, you can tuck them safely into a handy bedside organizer like this one from ‘Etsy‘. The pockets are large enough to stow your iPad, reader, magazines, eyeglasses, and a book or two.

You can also make one in kid-theme fabric for tidying up toys, coloring books, etc. Tuck the flat section between the mattress and box spring for stay-put positioning. Finished Size of Project: 34” wide x 27” tall (allowing for mattress tuck-in)

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Hanging Bed Organizer Tutorial

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Hanging Bedside Caddy Organiser

We have found you a quick video that steps you through the process of making your own Hanging Bed Organizer. Simply Click the Play button below for details ⇓

After you have watched the video, continue scrolling for written details and the Sewing Organiser too.

Supplies Required For Hanging Bed Organizer-:

Decorator Fabric 54-60” wide -1 yd.

Cotton lining fabric 54” wide – 1 ⁄4 yd.

Dual Duty XP thread, to match fabric Fusible interfacing 36” wide, medium weight -11 ⁄3 yd.

Double Fold Bias Tape 5 yds.

Additional Requirements Temporary spray adhesive, Removable Fabric Marker, Ruler

How To Make Hanging Bed Organizer Tutorial-:

Prepare the Pocket -:

1. Bind one long edge of the pocket with bias tape, and stitch using a medium-width, medium-length zigzag. TIP: Be sure the widest portion of the binding is underneath as you sew so you’re sure to catch it in the stitching. 2. Lay the pocket strip flat with right sides up and fold the strip to pleat it. Press the folds firmly in place. Pin the folds through all layers.

Assemble the Organizer -:

1. Lay the pleated pocket strip over one backing rectangle long edge, and pin in place matching edges. 2. To stitch the pocket dividers, pull back the edges of the three inverted folds and sew a double line of stitching up the center, leaving the folded fabric edges free. The stitching should start at the lower pocket edge and continue through the bias tape at the upper pocket edge. Refold the pleats. 3. Baste the pocket to the backing 1 ⁄8” from the side and lower edges. Trim the pocket to match the backing rounded corners. 4. Beginning at the upper organizer long edge, bind all the outer edges, overlapping the bias tape at the starting point. Use the same zigzag setting for stitching as was used for the pocket bind

Bed Caddy Project

Cutting From the decorator fabric, cut: 1 rectangle, 27” x 34” 1 strip, 7” x 51” From the lining fabric, cut: 1 rectangle, 27” x 34” From the fusible interfacing, cut: 1 rectangle, 27” x 34” 1 strip, 7” x 51” (piecing as needed) Preparing the Backing Pieces 1. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the corresponding decorator fabric pieces, abutting edges as needed on the 7” x 51” strip. 2. Spray the large interfaced rectangle with temporary adhesive and position the lining wrong side against the decorator fabric rectangle interfacing, matching raw edges and smoothing out any wrinkles. Using a round coffee mug or glass, gently round each of the four corners; trim away the excess fabric.

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Hanging Bed Organiser

Here’s what you need -:

You Need:

  • 2/3 yard of a single fabric: I used a vintage sheet; calico or lightweight upholstery fabric is also great
  • 3 1/2 yards double-fold seam binding
  • a 20″ x 10″ strip non-skid rug pad or rubberized drawer liner
  • thread to match seam binding
  • about half an hour

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