Alphabet Letter Pillows How To Make Them

Learn how to make gorgeous alphabet pillow letters and spell out words and names. This is a fun diy you’ll love to try!

Alphabet Letter Pillows

If you like us are obsessed with making pillows, you are going to love this cute craft that we have found for you. Now you can make Pillows in all sorts of colors and fabrics in all the letters of the alphabet. Imagine being able to make the kids names in cushions for their beds. This is just one of the ideas you can utilize. You can also use feel good words like ‘relax’ or ‘hugs’ or ‘family’ for example. We’ve also included some mini plushie alphabet pillows and some strawberry pillows too for you to try.

Both projects are perfect for left-over fabric. We love the ideas and you will too. You can find the details further down our page.

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Alphabet Letter Pillows

We’re sure you’ve got a few ideas of your own. We have also found you a quick and easy video to follow. Be sure to scroll our page in its entirety and don’t forget to Pin those you love. Alphabet Letter Pillow

How To Make Alphabet Letter Pillows -:

Here’s what you will need for this project

  • Letter Pattern – you can trace the letters for your pattern
  • Decorative Fabric of your choice
  • Needle & thread or sewing machine
  • Paper scissors & Fabric scissors
  • Polyester fiberfill for stuffing your pillows

Alphabet Letters Video Tutorial -:

Charisse from ‘Whimsy Paper Mache’ has created a video tutorial. She steps you through the process and shows you just how easy it is to make your own Alphabet Letter Pillows. You can use all sorts of fabrics.

We have featured bold patterns, florals, checks and plain vibrant colors in our post and of course, you can use a mixture of all. It’s also a great way to use up scrap material. To view the video click Play above ⇑

Alphabet Letter Pillows

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Alphabet Letter Pillows

Alphabet Magnets

Turn your left over fabric into adorable alphabet magnets! We love this idea from Chez Beeper Bebe. You can get the full pattern downloads on her site —> here

Alphabet Cushions

You can purchase this beautiful Letter Pillow on Etsy here

Alphabet Pillows Etsy

Here’s some great examples available for purchase on Etsy. You can find them hereAlphabet Pillows

Alphabet Pillows

Letter PillowsYou can find the full tutorial here — How to make Letter PillowsFabric Letter PillowsThese Fabric Letter Pillows were found on ‘Mama Mekko’

Fabric Letter Tutorial

We found this Alphabet Letter on  ‘Ruffles and Such

Strawberry Pillows

Here’s another project you are going to love! Make up a batch of these gorgeous Strawberry Pillows. Get details here

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