Macrame Owl Necklace Instructions And Video

We love Owls and if you do too, you are going to love making yourself the cutest Macrame Owl Necklace ..

Macrame Owl Necklace Instructions

Who remembers Macrame Owls? Everyone’s Mom and Nana had them in their home and they are still hugely popular. You will see them along with the hanging pot planter and other crazy creations that were products of the 70’s. They certainly bring the good memories flooding back! They are made using Jute and when you watch the video that we have included in our post, you will love how easy they are to make and so cute too!

While you’re here, be sure to check out the very popular project, the Macrame Hammock Chair is a definite must make.

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Macrame Owl Necklace Instructions

Back to these incredibly cute Macrame Owls .. our post includes a good selection to get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end for all the ideas and please, watch the video below for full instructions.

How To Make Macrame Owls -:

This video tutorial is excellent and very easy to follow. Simply click Play above to view ⇑

We have also included some Owl Dream Catchers for you to check out. Keep scrolling for all the amazing ideas!

Macrame Owl Necklace Instructions

Macrame Owl Necklace Instructions

Macrame Owl Necklace Instructions

The cute Macrame Owls above are  available on Etsy from CSL Designs

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

Brown Macrame Owl (above and below ) via Etsy — purchase here

How To Make Macrame Owl

Supplies Needed:

  • 4mm cord material (100 yards)
  • 2 pieces of Driftwood
  • Two 2-inch Brass Rings
  • One 2.5-inch Brass Ring
  • Two 25mm beads with 8mm holes, or plastic animal eyes with washers

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

 Macrame  Knots Used: 

  • Spiral Stitch
  • Alternating V Patterns
  • Alternating Square Knots (ASK)
  • Larks Head Knot
  • Double Half Hitch (DHH)
  • Square Knot (SK)
  • Wrapped Knot
  • Square Knot Button

get free pattern —   Owl Macrame Pattern

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

get paid pattern from Etsy —  Macrame Owl 

Macrame Owls Necklace Instructions

get tutorial —  Macrame Owls Paid Tutorial

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

Purchase via Etsy — Macrame Owl 

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

inspiration only via Pinterest — Macrame Owl Hanging 

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

Macrame Owl — Free Tutorial

Owl Dream Catchers

Want more Owl Craft? Why not check out the gorgeous Owl Dream Catchers. They have been very popular in our community and we know you are going to love them. Get the details now — Owl Dream Catchers Tutorials

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