Monster Jeans Patches Tutorial Video Instructions

Don’t throw out those ripped Jeans! You will love this Monster Jeans Patches Tutorial and the kids will love wearing them ..

If your kids are hard on their jeans, don’t throw them out, there is something you can do. Turn rips into these fabulous Monster Patches and give them a new lease of life.

The kids will seriously love to show them off and a few adults in your life might love to have them too! Scroll our page for all the different versions and don’t forget to scroll our page to the end and Pin as you go.

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Monster Jeans Patches via One Artsy Mama

We love this super cute version above. Amy from One Artsy Mama put the smile back on her little one’s dial when his jeans needed the hospital treatment. He was seriously over the moon with the results and we can see why. It’s almost worth falling over for ..

Monster Jeans Patch Tutorial via handmade kultur

She cut out felt for her monster patches using red for the patch, white for the teeth and then some black circles for the eyes. She stitched all but the eyes with her sewing machine. Great job!

Monster Jeans Patches Tutorial Video

We have included a video tutorial from Hallmark Channel that shows you how to make your very own Monster Jeans Patches. It’s so easy when you know how and we love the version in the video that has buttons for eyes. To watch, click Play above ⇑

Monster Patches

Monster Patches via Art Bar Blog

Here’s another version that is similar but different. We love the colorful version and the crosses for the eyes, it just shows you what you can do. You could even use fabric for this fix.

via Patricia Muñío Carrascosa Facebook

Monster Jeans Patches are great for Adults too. We found this version on Facebook and what a great job. Love those Button Eyes they look fab! Would you ever consider wearing them yourself?

Monster Patch Tutorial

via Wendy Schaeffer Photos & Off Beat Home (below)

Another trick you may be interested in is learning how to retain the original jeans hem whilst altering. It’s a very clever hack and you get a great result. No-one will ever know that you have touched your hem. You can learn all the tips and tricks here

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