Owl Pot Holders Tutorial Free Pattern Video Tutorial

Add some personality to your kitchen with this Owl Pot Holders Pattern. They are super cute and easy to make ..

Owl Pot Holders Pattern

You’ll love to make this Owl Hot Pad (Trivet) Potholder and they are easy to make when you know how. They will also come in extremely handy and ensure that kitchen burns are kept to a minimum.

Think of them as your friends in the kitchen! Scroll our post to view the free Tutorial. We’ve also included some other projects in our post so be sure that you scroll our page in it’s entirety. You won’t want to miss the Owl Remote Control Holders either.

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Owl Pot Holders Pattern

How To Make Oven Pot Holders

You are going to be amazed at just how quick you can whip up Oven Pot Holders. It’s a great use for your left over fabric scraps and according to the vlogger, you can whip them up in minutes.

You could even use denim for this project too. Anything goes. You can get as creative as you like. Whilst the video is not specifically for Owls, it will give you the basic overview of how to make a Pot Holder. Once you know, you can then advance to your Owls. Click Play above to watch now ⇑

Owl Pot Holder

If you’re not handy but would love to purchase your own Owl Pot Holders, they are available for sale for a small amount on Etsy —> Get yours now 

Owl Pot Holders Tutorial

Owl Pot Holders Pattern via Sew Mccool

Owl Pot Holders Tutorial

 Owl Pot Holder FREE Pattern via Mccals Quilting

Owl Potholders

Owl Potholder Pattern via Annie’s Catalog

Owl Oven Mitt Potholder Pattern

get pattern via Etsy —>  Owl Pot Holders Pattern

Owl Pot Holders

Owl Pot Holders via Regina’s Quilting (no pattern)

Want more? Check out these super cute Owl Remote Control Holders. They would be the perfect addition to your home —> See Them Here

Owl Remote Control Holders

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