Lots of easy craft ideas including crochet and knitting projects you’ll love!

  • Who would have thought that Pebbles could be transformed into Owls! This is a super cute DIY you’re going to love. We’ve included a video tutorial that will give you a quick Owl art lesson too! Click the link now and check out all the ideas and Pin those you OWLdore!

  • Upcycle an old China Teapot into this clever Teapot Sewing Caddy with a hidden Pin Cushion. It will come in so handy or make a great gift for a sewing friend. Try out the Mason Jar Pin Cushions and see how to turn your china cups into cute pincushions too. We have a very quick and easy video for you to follow. Click the link now.

  • This stunning Crochet Flower Shawl is the perfect lightweight cover-up that will add a touch of class to any outfit. It will be at home with a dress or your favorite Jeans! You’ll love the Solomon’s Knot Shawl and the Hawaiian Flower Monster Shawl too and they are all fabulous free patterns! Click the link now.

  • If you like Macrame, you will love to try this fabulous Hanging Chair Swing. It’s so easy to make when you know how and it’s perfect for indoors or out. We’ve included a video tutorial that shows you all the basic Macrame Knots and also a knitted Cocoon Pod Hanging Chair for you to try. Click the link now and view.

  • You will love this collection of Owl Dream Catchers and they are super easy to make. Watch the video tutorial and check out the Macrame Owls and the Doily Dream Catchers too. Be sure to Pin your favourites.

  • Learn how to make stunning Floating Candle Centrepieces. You will love this collection of ideas and we have an easy video tutorial to show you how. Check out the inspiration now. You are going to love what you see!

  • If you can sew a straight line, you can make this stunning Rag Quilt and don’t you love the ruffled edges. We have also included a video tutorial that shows you how to make a gorgeous Teddy Bear design. There’s lots of beautiful ideas so click the link now and check them all out.

  • We love Teddies and if you do too, you will love turning your favorite into a Memory Bear. We have put together some amazing ideas and show you how you can frame them, turn them into art and also make a memory bear using a loved ones clothing. We also have a video that shows you how to make the easiest teddy ever, even a 10 year old could make him! Check out the ideas now.

  • We have put together the most amazing collection of Mosaic Wall Art Ideas and you will be breathless as we were when we found them. There is so much beauty and inspiration in these ideas and you will be wanting to make your own at home the minute you see them. Don’t forget to Pin your favorites as you go!

  • Give a new lease on life to your Flip Flops and step out in style in these Scarf Ankle Wrap Sandals. You’ll love to try this crafty idea and show it off to your friends. Try out the Beaded Flip Flop Sandals and the handy Flip Flop Hangers for storing them in your wardrobe as well.

  • This comfy Backrest Pillow with Arms is ideal when you’re working on your computer or reading a book. If you love to knit and crochet in bed, you won’t want to be without it. It’s a super easy diy and you’ll love the results. Check out the Full Body Pillow too, you won’t want to miss it!

  • Need a cute gift idea? These Unicorn Slippers have been a viral sensation and everyone is going crazy for them. They will be loved by young and old alike and they are inexpensive. They even light up when you walk and you can buy a heated slipper version too. Check them out now they are beyond adorable! Get yourself a pair too!

  • Here’s the perfect project for those odd socks! These Sock Monkeys are easy to make and you will love seeing their cheeky faces around your home. They make a cute gift too. Check out the details now.

  • This stunning Knitted Circular Vest is just one of a number of must make projects our Knitters will love. It’s a free pattern and we have lots of other projects you will love. Check out all the gorgeous ideas and Pin your favorites.

  • You will love this adorable Sock Sheep Craft and it’s a super easy DIY. They are the cutest ever and once you know how, you will want to make a whole family of these cuties. We have included a video tutorial for you too. Check out this adorable craft now!