Plastic Spoon Mirror DIY Easy Video Tutorial

You are going to love this easy Plastic Spoon Mirror DIY and the results are simply stunning! Watch the easy to follow video ..

Spoon Mirror Tutorial

You’ll be surprised at what you can repurpose plastic spoons into.  We love these Mirror Projects.  This is a great DIY the whole family can get involved with and you can complete it under 2 hours.  Scroll our post to view all the beautiful ideas!

The blogger recommends that when you’re beginning the very first row on the outside, be sure to leave about the space of a spoon between each one to accommodate for the overlapping.

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Plastic Spoon Mirror DIY

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plastic spoon mirror makeover

Plastic Spoon Mirror via Little Things Bring Smiles

How To Make Plastic Spoon Mirror

    • 4 packages of 48 dollar store spoons (the cheaper the better)
    • One piece of heavy cardboard cut in a 16″ diameter circle
    • One 5″ diameter round mirror (Dollar Store)
    • Lots of hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun
    • Spray primer
    • Acrylic paint

Plastic Spoon Mirror DIY Video

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make your own Plastic Spoon Mirror. It’s so easy and will look just like a giant blooming flower. We promise you will love it! Click Play above to watch the instructions now ⇑

Spoon Chrysanthemum

Plastic Spoon Mirror via Addicted 2 Decorating

Plastic Spoon Mirror DIY

Plastic Spoon Mirror via Suzys Sitcom

Plastic Spoon Mirror DIY

plastic spoon mirrors via Pinterest 

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Egg Carton Mirror

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