Saucepan Lid Owls Are An Easy DIY You’ll Love

You will never look at Saucepan Lids the same way again. Upcycle them into adorable Saucepan Lid Owls!

How To Make Saucepan Lid Owls

We are huge Owl fans around here and with good reason. They are such a magnificent Bird and now you can learn how to make Saucepan Lid Owls using items that you have hanging around your home.

If you can’t bear to throw things out, you are not alone. Upcycling and recycling is here to stay and when you see the sort of creations you can make, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. These Owls are a perfect example of making the most of what you have and so cute!

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Saucepan Lid Owls - recycled from Kitchen Items

Anything Goes When Making Your Saucepan Lid Owls -:

Robyn Stewardson is the Creator of these adorable owls. She is from Melbourne Australia and has her own business Focus on Art – As you can see she is extremely talented and her creations are instantly identifiable.

She reuses all sorts of items from the kitchen including saucepan lids, ladles, plates, graters, lids, tins, to name a few. There’s very little that escapes her eye and you can see how they all take on a different personality. Her photos will give you inspiration and we bet you won’t be able to wait to make some.Saucepan Lid Owls

If you are ready to make your own Owl Art, you can find a detailed Tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens at the link below. Now all you need to do is work out where you are going to put these cute little fellas. They look great sitting on a branch against a fence or stone wall. They would look brilliant on the side of a shed or brick wall too.

Recycled Owl Art

How To Make Saucepan Lid Owls -:

Here’s a list of some of the things that you can use to make your own Saucepan Lid Owls.

What you will need:

    • Cake or biscuit tin lid
    • Large metal lid (2)
    • Medium metal lid (2)
    • Small plastic lid (2)
    • Metal washer (2)
    • Metal button (2)
    • Dessert spoon (3)
    • Slender tree branch for display (optional)
    • Metal cutters
    • vice
    • pliers
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • cordless drill
    • screws (optional)

Saucepan Lid Owls

More Owl Lid Inspiration -:

The original tutorial from Better Homes and Garden has since been removed from the web however it is easy to see what you need to do. Simply use the photos that we have included in our post as a guide. You can use a heavy duty glue and you can drill and screw.

You will simply need to use your imagination. The above list should give you some ideas of materials and you can attach your finished Owl to a Branch so it has something to sit on. We found the above cute versions on flickr 

CD OwlYou can even use CD’s or DVD’s to create your Owl, like this one on Indulgy

Metal Lid Bottle Cap OwlsThese mini Owls were found on Flickr and they are made using metal jar lids.

Owl Grater Wind ChimeYou can even use a Kitchen Grater to make a Wind Chime. Simply add some cutlery using the holes and string to attach. What a great idea. This idea was found on Pinterest

Owl Recycled ArtYou can see that anything goes. You can even use Beer Tops to create your Owl!

Owl Recycled Art

Hand Painted Owl Stones

POPULAR POST ALERT! You are going to love these Painted Owl Rocks and they couldn’t be easier to make. Be sure to check out the whole collection now! View Here

Owl Recycled ArtHere’s another cute version of an Owl Wind Chime that we found on Pinterest

Owl GraterThis adorable Owl Grater was another cute Pinterest find.

Owl Yard ArtThis Owl has been made out of items from your Shed. Rakes, horseshoes and a Spade for the head. What a great idea and so very easy to recreate. We found him here

Owl Bottle Cap ArtThis Owl made from Bottle Caps looks brilliant hanging on the wall. We found him here

Owl Yard ArtMore examples of Owl Yard Art – are they the cutest ever!

Owl Yard ArtYou can purchase your own Owl Yard Art from Etsy

Recycled Owl ArtRobyn is so clever, here’s another version she has created with a grater.

Recycled Owl Bike Wheels

How To Make Owl Wheels -:

Here’s another very popular post that shows you how to make Bike Wheel Owls. Don’t they look amazing! You can find the full tutorial in our post here

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