Ribbon Christmas Trees Are Super Cute and Easy

You can make these fantastic Ribbon and Bead Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments in next to no time. Box them up as a special gift.

Ribbon and Bead Hanging Christmas Trees

These gorgeous Ribbon and Bead Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments will look fantastic decorating your tree or boxed up as a special gift! They’re quick and easy to make, plus quite inexpensive.

You don’t need to be an expert beader and we’ve included lots of tips and tricks and even a video tutorial so that you can achieve the same amazing results as the clever Bloggers that we have featured in our post. The kids will also love to help and they’ll find them very easy to make. You will be thrilled with the finished version.Ribbon Christmas Trees

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Ribbon and Bead Christmas Tree

Images – Ribbon Christmas Trees via Craft N Home 

As you can see from the photos we have featured including the pretty ones above, you can use different types of beads or even odd old pearls will look good. Try mixing a combination of two different sizes and types. Scroll our post to check out all the versions, plus the handy video tutorial and be sure to view the easy Ribbon and Bead Wreath Christmas Ornaments too – you can view it here –> Don’t forget to Pin all your favourite ideas to save them.

3 Ribbon and Bead Christmas Trees

What you’ll need to make the Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ribbon Christmas Tree Decorations

Start by cutting a length of the cotton and threading on a bead for the base – it’s best to use a bigger square shaped bead for this so that the smaller round beads can’t slide off the thread. If you’re not an expert beader don’t worry, just thread the cotton through the bead a few times and fasten off with a simple knot to secure it. Then fold a piece of ribbon – about 6cm long is ideal – and push the threaded needle up through the centre.

Add a bead and fold the ribbon back so that it’s a little narrower than the bottom fold to create the tree ‘branches’. Repeat until you’ve got a Christmas Tree shape and finish off with another bead for the top.

We’ve included a video tutorial to help you make the Ribbon and Bead Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments. Click play above to view  ^^^ via Specific Love Creations

Ribbon and Bead Christmas Tree Ornaments

A mixture of red and green ribbons looks good and they’re always  traditional Christmas colours.  You can use scissors to trim up the ends of the ribbons easily and a bit of fabric glue like Fray Check to hold firmly.

You can see more of this project that was created by Annette at  Sunshine Yellow

Ribbon and Bead Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration perfect for Christmas Tree

Fasten a piece of cord or elastic yarn to the top of your decoration to form the loop to hang it up. A small gold or silver Jingle Bell can be used for the top of the tree as shown above. Photo via Stars Inspirations

Ribbon and Bead Christmas Tree decoration ornament


Ribbon and Bead Christmas Trees Tutorial

You can see how easy it is to make the Ribbon and Bead Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments from the photo above. The tutorial creator says she doesn’t know how to sew! She saw the photo and liked the idea so much that she created instructions for each step. She’s done a brilliant job. You can see more at Be A Fun Mum

Here’s another use for your ribbons. We love this Ribbon Christmas Tree and it’s another easy project that you will enjoy. Aren’t the results simply stunning! You can find all the details on A Creative Yarn

Ribbon Christmas Tree

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