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maths ideas for kids

foot reflexology

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egg substitutes

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

food cravings


clothes shrinking tip Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies  

Tree Stump Removal Wood Scratches Remedy

Companion Planting Chart

pool noodle paint brush holder

earache remedy
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes  Big Mac Secret Sauce Recipe Keyboard Shortcuts baby cues  Memory Jar  Artist Palette Benefits of Bananas Enhance your mood naturally password smartMattress Deodoriser Marble Necklace Egg Colouring

Cookie dough Greek Yoghurt
Clean stainless steel
postcards Dr Oz Swimsuit Slimdown Drink  Growing Companions Stuffed Peppers in a muffin tin 7 Healing Herbal TeasClick HERE

Depression Treatments Natural Depression Treatment – Click HERE  

Maths tricks for kids Click HERE 

The Giving Plate  Iron Cleaning Tip  remove egg shell with baking soda  How long food lasts - shelf life  Use a whisk to colour eggs  4 day Juice Cleanse Honey and Cinnamon cold cure  23 Healthy Recipe Substitutions Heal Scars Naturally  Freezing Meat Tip  Lemon Water Health Benefits  gluten intolerant - 10 signs Source

Hard Boiled Eggs in Oven  hard boiled eggs click HERE
handy hints 3 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies
nature's flu shot
What's Your Skin Telling You? apple cinamon water

How to tell if your eggs are still fresh  Fuel Gauge

Wash your Lego in the dishwasher

Hanging Tip
Dye Cupcake Liners

Dye cupcake liners  – Click HERE 

Lemon ice cubesMake Lemon Ice cubes – Click HERE

Paper Plate Clock

Teach the kids how to tell the time – Click Here Average Sleep Chart  Get more details for Average sleep needs HERE

Party glow sticks in ice

Cleopatra milk bath

Elmers Glue Food Colouring to create sea glass effect Kitchen Tip Sugar free ketchup recipe

CalendarNatural Fever Reliever Kids Legos   Healthy Baking Substitutes  No more brown apples

Ginger detox bath

Fractions Tip  5 Minute Workout first year baby chart

 PVC Pool Drying Rack  Cream Cheese Icing Recipe

Picture Frame Tip

Bathroom Tip

Clean your front loader washing machine curling iron cleaner

Miracle Stain Remover
clean bbq grill

Fabric Freshener Spray dryer sheets Green Juice for Kids

Bubbling Bath Salts  Computer and Desk Stretches
ice magic
Pillow Tips

Marble Heart Cupcakes Tip

House Cleaning List  clear your sinusCold Tip

beetroot stains

Cupcakes  Tea Bath Sunburn Relief

Nail Drying Technique  Remove Crayon Tip

cat and dog age chart

dishwasher detergent recipe  Making 1/2 a recipe Making one third a recipe

banana peel for heels

clean windows with newspapers

What's in a Cigarette?

Baby Swaddle

 Drive Safely Tip  Laundry tips

Get more laundry tips HERE Baby signs How much sleep children need Cookie sheet cleaner Oven temperatures

Find more great Baking Tips HERE 

No bake Energy bites Get the details for these no bake energy bites HERE

Spa treatment

Baby powder to remove sand Newborn's stomachGet the details for this newborn stomach guide HERE 

Bobby pin

Egg substitutesGet the details for these egg substitutes HERE

Eliminate fridge odours

Yoghurt drops Party decoration KFC coleslaw Allergic reactionsFor more information on food allergies click HERE

Gluten free conversion Half a recipe Avocado Salad Clean between glass on oven doorsGet the instructions for this cleaning tip HERE

Ceiling fan direction

Homemade Tiger salve Get the recipe for this tiger salve for stretch marks HERE

Morning Sickness TeaGet the details for this morning sickness relief tea HERE 

63213_319880951467897_1999182917_n Benefits of onions

Miracle Whitener

Get the details for this miracle whitener – click HEREHomemade soap Chores for kidsGet the details for these age appropriate chores for kids HERE

Untangle chains Peanut Butter Frosting Swimmers Ear Drops

Get the details on these swimmer ear drops click HERECrayon melts Chocolate cups

Remove permanent markerGet the ultimate guide to removing permanent marker HERE 

Machine wash pillows

Light bulb

Sweater Socks

Microwave cleaning tips

Get the instructions here

Punch oranges

Remove Apple wax

Edible cake stand

Tablet recipes

Get the details for this Kitchen Tablet – Click HERE Toffee strawberries  Disney Letter Baby wipes DIY  Crayon box tip Non slip socksDIY non slip socks click HERE

Pineapple sorbet Graduation money idea

Stain remover Egg yolk separation trickClick HERE to learn to separate egg yolks

Wrinkle release spray

Cookbook holder pants hanger trick

Cookie cup trick

Painting quick tip

 Lavender rinse cycle trick

Voice commands

Teething chart

Doggy jumper trick

Turn old jumpers and tees into doggy outfits!  Brilliant!Grow Onions

 click for details HERE 

Head lice

Reuse wine casks

Freshen laundry hampers Window insulationClick HERE for this easy window insulation

Bucket List  Weight loss drink Tooth fairy money Camera lens tip  Click HERE for this photography tip 

Baby Basket

DIY esky

Keep food dry while camping

Cough syrup  12 foods that fight inflammation  Sore throat tea  KFC copy cat recipe  Banana trick Stress relieving drinkStress relieving detox drink click HERE

Choosing a book

Ironing tip

Peanut butter fudge recipe  Shoe Shadow Box  Get along Shirt

Baking soda on stove top

Fabric Freshener Spray

Snake bite information

Pancake mix tip

Reese's Oreos

Click HERE for recipes
Kid's Art idea

 Click HERE for baby gate details
Homemade decongestant

Listerine foot soak

Chicken recipe

DIY Natural Floor Cleaner

Click HERE for DIY floor cleaner instructions

Plastic hanger trick

The best way to store tomatoesClick HERE for instructions

Marshmallow frosting

Shiatsu self massage chart

Lower back pain exercises

Vicks remedies

Destroy mould

Click for details here

Home made jewellery cleaner
Headache remedy

Diet soda dangers Handy tips

Detox water  Chocolate mousse Benefits of drinking water

Healing herbal teas

Dissolve Kidney Stones Pool Noodle Door Stopper

Get the details on this inexpensive door stopper here  

Unscrew Screws

Creamy Avocado Salad Dressing

New Year's Eve Jar

Calm Kid TeaGet the recipe for this Calm kid tea HERE 

Your Child's Sleep

Coconut oil uses

Energy saving tips

Measuring equivalents

How long to decompose Monster SprayGrow your own pineappleStretch marksBullying Foods for fertilityStore yarns One ingredient ice creamFold T ShirtsShrink pimple

Mark spot on roll

Tension rod space saver

Headache Cure DIY Air FreshenerWrinkly shirtKeep cake fresh

How long to napRaspberry Smoothie

Energy drinks

Homemade weed killer Get the details for this homemade weed killer HERE

Organise scarves

Print roller

Stone Teapot PadGlue pebbles to felt for a DIY hot pad!

Table settingTie laces

Tie yarn around a paint roller Tie yarn around a paint roller for this awesome painting effect

Bar rail on deckRed Lava Floor
Plastic Bottle Storage DIY Bath Cookies

Makeup storage jars bathroom

DIy firestarters Measuring conversionsClean washing machine

Nutella Mug Cake Marshmallow Pops

Benefits of Laughing Banana oat cookies Cany Buttons Get the recipe for these candy buttons HERE

7 Positive Emotions

Cracked Heels

Protein Shake

Blend the milk, spinach, mint, protein, avocado, and ice until smooth and frosty. Taste. Add stevia and cacao nibs. Blend again very briefly breaking down the nibs into little bitsGround OreosSore throatCat purrsSmoothiesFirst foods for baby

Pin numberToilet RollsJelly WormsBrine your T ShirtMango Ginger drinkMosquito Bites

Bread cutting tip Honey for dark eye circles  Mosquito RepellantFamily Memory Jar

Stencil shelfStencil side table art and add shelf – great idea!

Prevent crampDIY toothpasteToothpaste cleaner for headlightsStore BananasBreast exam Spider deterrent

Raw Blueberry JamFruit Ice Cubes Cut-up some fruits and put one or two small pieces into each cavity of your ice-cube tray.

Pour juice or water into it to make pretty ice cubes.

Foods for leaner bodyBenefits of coconut Wrapping paper organiser Create this fantastic wrapping paper organiser – click HERE

Top 10 Detoxic foodsFoods for bad breath Honey Lemon for sore throatBeer CoolerHerbs to prevent colon cancerStretch shoesLaundry Baskets

 Click for the instructions HERE 

Choc Dipped Apple Slices

Vitamin Boosters  Raw Vegan NutellaBaby's Foot Herbs that healChocolate Cake in a mug DIY Paint No Bake Granola BarsMake your own delicious bars – Click for the recipes HERE 

Detox Water Baking soda usesDrink Water and lemonHalloween Glow Stick Brest Milk SupplyIncrease your breast milk supply – Click for the details HERE 

Thyroid Remediesthyroid

Carciogenic ingredientsNatural Pain killer

Dog snacks

Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream Fruit paintingBig MacCleaning Tips

Get the Recipes HERE

Anti cancer foods

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