Amazing Clay Pot Critters and DIY Garden Ideas

Clay Pot Critters

There is an endless fascination with Clay Pots otherwise known as Terracotta Pots and with good reason. Clay Pot saucers and pots are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They can be upcyled into all sorts of things. In fact, it would be easier to say what they can’t be as you would be hard pressed! Now you can brighten up your home and garden with these fun DIY Clay Pot Critters! They’re a great project to make with the kids and will bring so much personality to your surroundings. Scroll our page and check out all the versions.

Clay Pot Safari Animals

get tutorial  >>  Clay Pot Safari Animals

Solar Light Clay Pots

view image >> Solar Light Clay Pots 

Terracotta Pot Animals and Garden Art

get tutorial >>  Claypot Critters Tutorial

Dog Claypot Garden Art

image >> Clay Pot Dog Flower Pot 

Clay Pot Dog

view image >> Clay Pot Dog 

Clay Pot Dog

view image >> Claypot Dog 

Clay Pot Giraffe

Clay Pot Dog Pot Planter

image >> Clay Pot Dog Planter 

Clay Pot Horses

image only >> Clay Pot Horses

Frog Clay Pot

image only >> Frog Clay Pot 

Clay Pot Giraffe - Terracotta Pots

view image >> Claypot Giraffe

Clay Pot Crafts

get tutorial >>  Clay Pot Safari Animals

Clay Pot Horse

view image >> Clay Pot Horses

Clay Pot Horse

Clay Pot Horse

Clay Pot Horse

 Clay Pot Horse

Clay Pot Horse

Clay Pot Horse

Clay Pot Horses

 Clay Pot Horses

Terracotta Pot Elephant

 Terracotta Pot Elephant

Claypot People

Clay Pot People

Claypot Zebra

 Claypot Zebra

Claypot Zebra

Claypot Giraffe

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pot Elephant

Clay Pot Bee and Ladybug

Terracotta Turtles

get tutorial  >>  Terracotta Turtles Tutorial

Terracotta Toadstools

get tutorial  >>  Terracotta Toadstools Tutorial

Birdbath Planter

get tutorial  >>  Terracotta Birdbath Planter

Flower Pot Bird Bath

get tutorial  >>  Flower Pot Bird Bath Tutorial

Claypot Lighthouse

get tutorial  >>  Claypot Lighthouse Tutorials

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