Claypot Garden Ideas

clay pot critters

Brighten up your garden with these fun DIY Claypot Critters! They’re a great project to make with the kids and will bring so much personality to your home. ‘Source Plaid’

Terracotta Pots

Claypot Critters Tutorial via ‘Plaid’

Terracotta Pot Elephant

Terracotta Pot Elephant via ‘Pinterest’

Claypot People

Source ‘Pinterest’

Claypot Zebra

Claypot Zebra 

Claypot Zebra

Claypot Giraffe via ‘Pinterest’

Terracotta Pots

Clay Pot Bee and Ladybug

Terracotta Turtles

Terracotta Turtles Tutorial 

Terracotta Toadstools

Terracotta Toadstools Tutorial 

Birdbath Planter

Terracotta Birdbath Planter 

Flower Pot Bird Bath

Flower Pot Bird Bath Tutorial 

Claypot Lighthouse

Claypot Lighthouse Tutorials|More >>

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