Covered Greenhouse Garden With Video

If you love to grow, a Covered Greenhouse Garden is absolutely ideal! You will love this easy project and it will come in so handy!

Covered Greenhouse Garden

Nothing beats fruit and vegetables you have grown in your own garden! This covered raised garden is such a great idea and it will give all your herbs and veggies the very best opportunity to thrive. You may need protection from frost or from the sun, whatever the situation, this is the answer. It’s a simple diy that involves a raised garden bed and PVC Pipe forms the hoop effect that is the base of the covered structure. There is a lid that opens for easy access and chained struts. We have included the materials you will need plus some expert tips.

We also have a very helpful video tutorial included in our post that steps you through the process. Scroll our page for all the details and check out the Companion Planting Chart at the end of the post that shows you the best way to lay out your garden. Covered Greenhouse Garden

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covered greenhouse

How To Make Covered Greenhouse

-2x6s redwood (or 2x12s, which are significantly more expensive) cut to desired lengths

-2x2s for cover frame

-2x4s for bracing

-Wood screws

-10′ 1/2″ PVC pipe

-garden fencing

-duct tape or electrical tape

-pipe clamps

-plastic or garden cloth

-staple gun + staples


-eye hooks


Covered Greenhouse Garden Video -:

We have included a video tutorial that will show you how to recreate your own Covered Greenhouse Garden. To view, click Play above ⇑

Leaf Scoop Claws

We couldn’t resist sharing this awesome product. These Leaf Scoop Claws are genius and inexpensive. Purchase —> here

Covered Greenhouse

The Blogger, who created this Covered Greenhouse Garden has learned some things along the way. She put a thermometer in her garden bed and as a result of the temperature she changed her cover to a material that is more breathable.

Here’s some of the tips and tricks that she shared on her blog. “I put an outdoor thermometer in the greenhouse. As I feared, the temperatures under the cover rose easily to 100 degrees on a sunny day, and sometimes even higher. Cutting vent holes in the top only helped lower the temp by about 5 degrees.  I decided to replace the plastic with a more breathable garden fabric. I ordered an extra thick specimen called “GardenQuilt“, which is very sturdy and should hold up to the constant winds. I also wrapped it around the whole frame and stapled it. ” – Stephanie

Chicken Wire Hoop Greenhouse

Here’s another awesome idea that is very inexpensive. The idea involves recycling mini Hoop Tunnels that are used in Summer for heat loving crops. Add some plastic for the winter months. Genius! via Year Round Veggie Gardener

Covered Greenhouse Garden

You can also make a Hula Hoop frame that glides across like this one on Farmshow

Covered Greenhouse Garden

You can also build a more inexpensive version and the Blogger says that this Covered Greenhouse Garden can be built for $50 – via Door Garden

How To Build A Raised Garden

Nice simple raised garden bed via Sunset

Covered Garden

Use PVC to pet proof your plants, love this very simple idea via Pinterest

Mulch Infographic

Here’s a handy chart from Fixx regarding the amount of Mulch required.

Wine Barrel Greenhouse

If you are short on space at your place and looking for an easy idea, we love this wine barrel umbrella greenhouse from Garden Therapy. What a seriously clever idea!

Greenhouse Windows

These Cold Frames are made using old windows –  via For The Love of Lillian Companion Planting Chart

Read about Companion Planting now—> View here

Images and Tutorial via Swing n Cocoa  Video Tutorial via Fireball Malone

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