Cute Concrete Planters Are An Easy DIY You’ll Love

If you are looking for a super cute project you will love to add these adorable concrete planters to your home and garden ..

Cute Concrete Planters

If you are looking for an inexpensive diy project, you can’t go past these adorable Concrete Planters. They will bring so much personality to your home and garden and they are made with Plastic Bottle Molds. The succulents are used to create hair. You will love the results and only need a few items to make your own.

So, let’s look at the items you are going to need for this tutorial.

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Cute Concrete Planters

To make the mold, you will need a plastic bottle, a marker, scissors and utility knife, tape, a drinking straw and cooking spray. Next, you will mix and cast the concrete.

For this, you will need some concrete mix. It’s important to use some safety gear. It is recommended that you use gloves, mask and safety glasses. You will also need a container for mixing, some water and the best utensil would be a Garden Trowel. 

Cute Concrete Planters

For the finishing touches, you will need some concrete paint, a paintbrush, potting soil and some plants or flowers. You can find the full details on Instructables. Be sure to scroll our page and check out the Concrete Hand Planters and the Concrete Head Planters too. It’s another popular project you will love!

Head Planters

get tutorial —> Concrete Head Planters Tutorial 
Cement Hand Planters
get tutorial —> Cement Hand Planters Tutorial

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