How To Make Cement Hand Planters For Your Garden

You will never look at a Rubber Glove the same way again. Fill with cement and you have these amazing Hand Planters!

Hand Planter

Are you one of many that is wondering how to make cement hand planters? Well look no further! We’ve put together this great post will plenty of inspiration and you’ll be making your own in no time! Let’s face it, there is very little that compares with getting out in the garden. It’s one of our favourite things. Fresh air, sunshine and the birds chirping .. nature is a truly amazing thing don’t you think? We’re always on the hunt for unique ideas that are easy diy’s and imagine our delight when we literally stumbled across these Cement Hand Planters. Would you believe they are made with concrete and rubber gloves?

It’s true! One thing’s for sure and that is we know you are going to be champing at the bit to make them and we can’t blame you! These Cement Hand Planters are sure to be a talking point in your garden and you make them using rubber gloves! They look fabulous with succulents and you can really get creative! Be sure to scroll our page and check out the equally amazing Head Planters too and don’t forget to Pin your favourites.

How To Make Cement Hand Planters -:

Firstly we suggest that you view the helpful video above ^^^ –  The process is so incredibly simple, you won’t believe it and the video only runs for a couple of minutes. Once you have viewed, be sure to continue scrolling our page and check out all the versions that we have included. You will find some great inspiration and ideas for how you will make your own. They work particularly well with succulents and the very talented Jenise from DIY Fun Ideas’ has lots of amazing versions that we have featured throughout our post.

Hand Planters

These gorgeous Cement Hand Planters (above and below) were found on Blue Fox Farm

Cement Hand Planters

Here’s another way to display your Cement Hand Planters – this version is ‘grasping’

Make Cement Hand Garden Planters Using Rubber Gloves

get tutorial >> Cement Succulent Hand Planter Tutorial

Cement Hand Garden Planters Using Rubber Gloves

Hand Planters

Cement Hand Planters

Hand Planters

get tutorial >> Cement Hand Planters via ‘DIY Fun Ideas’

Cement Hand Planters Drought Smart Plants have put together a great tutorial that is easy to follow. You can find the full details here

Cement Hand Planters Don’t you just love this amazing version, such great inspiration. We found it here

Head planters

get tutorial >> Cement Head Planters Tutorial

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