Minion Tires

Minion Tire Planter

If you love Minions you’ll adore these Tire Ideas and the great news is they are just so easy to recreate! You can even upcycle one into your very own Garden Tool Minion! It’s a fantastic way to recycle old Ty(i)res and won’t they will bring so much personality to your home. They will certainly be the talk of the neighbourhood an no doubt everyone will get in on the act! Picture Sources via Pinterest

Minion Garden Ideas

Picture Sources via Pinterest

Tire Minions

Picture Sources via Pinterest

Minion Planter

Minion Tire Planter via ‘Pinterest’

Minion Tire Planter

Minion Tyre Planter via ‘Pinterest’

Minion Tyre Garden Caddy

Minion Tyre Garden Caddy via ‘Pinterest’

Minion Tyres

Minion Tyres via ‘Android Central Forums’

Minion Tyre

Minion Tyre via ‘Pinterest’

Minion Drawers

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Minion Fire Pits

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