How to Root Hydrangeas from Cuttings Easily

Find out how to root hydrangeas from cuttings the super easy way and turn one plant into five in the process! Watch the video now ..

how to grow hydrangeas from cuttings

Are you one of many that would love to know how to grow hydrangeas from cuttings? You’ll be so glad you found us as we have compiled a very informative post that steps you through the process.

Be sure to view the page in its entirety for all the great information. We love Hydrangeas and if you do too, now you can easily grow your own! These will add a marvelous splash of color to your garden and they look absolutely stunning. Learn how to grow them from cuttings quickly and easily. We also show you how to change the color by learning how to alter the Soil pH.

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Hydrangea Tutorial

Hydrangeas are a beautiful flowering plant that is deciduous. They can range in size from smaller style bushes to the larger tree-like varieties. If you want to know how to grow hydrangeas, you can create new specimens from cuttings.

There are a number of different methods that can be used dependent on whether or not you have a ‘Mother Plant’ but we will step you through a very easy way to create your own.How To Root Hydrangeas

Firstly we will start by selecting your cutting. You will need to brush away mulch and soil from the base of the back or side of a mature hydrangea plant. Now look for a non-flowering shoot. The ones to grab are those that have 2 to 3 pairs of leaves. You should also be looking for a cutting that is at the base of the plant.

Remember, the more woodier the cutting, the more roots they will produce. Your cuttings should be 5-6 inches long (12-15 cm’s). Another good tip is to take cuttings in the morning. It is also recommended that you don’t take cuttings if the leaves are wilted.

How To Root Hydrangeas From Cuttings-:

We have found an excellent video that runs for a bit over a minute. The Grumpy Gardener shows you how to get 5 additional plants from one. Click Play above to view ⇑

How to Grow HydrangeasFrank from Nantucket Hydrangeas has a very informative blog that gives great information when striking your Hydrangeas. He steps you through the process and even includes some common trouble-shooting. For example, even if your leaves fall off you should not give up. The buds will sprout provided the stem is still intact. He also warns you to watch out for Slugs. According to Frank, they can wreak havoc on small plants. 

If you burn your leaves, he suggests that you cut them back, just beyond the discolored area. Another great tip is if your stems look as though they are beginning to rot, dry them up by watering less – A myriad of further information can be found on Franks Blog but while you’re here you may like to check out another popular post –how to change the colour of hydrangeas.

How to change the colour of Hydrangeas

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