How To Lose Ten Pounds In 3 Short Days .. Yes, Really!

Need to drop a few kilos quickly? Maybe for surgery, or a dress size for that special occasion. The Military Diet really works!


This Diet has been an Internet Sensation!  You can Lose Up To Ten Pounds In Three Days with the Military Diet. We have not used this Diet Plan, nor are we recommending it.  We have however tried the 7 day GM Diet that is at the bottom of the page and we had amazing results losing 9 kilos the first time and 7 kilos the second.

The GM Diet is a 7 Day Plan. We are simply sharing something that has been popular on the Internet, that we thought may be of interest. Remember these types of diets are good for one off situations or to give you some motivation by shedding a few kilos quickly.Military Diet 3 Day Plan

This Diet is apparently used by Military Recruits according to the Blogger to get in shape fast!  Of course, there is no substitute for long term lifestyle changes.  Weight is also not likely to stay off unless you look at lowering daily calorie intake. On a side note we have had confirmation from people in our Community that their hubby’s have used this diet in the Military. We have also heard from many that they have enjoyed amazing results too.

It is up to you to make your own investigations and please consult a Doctor or Dietician before making changes to your diet.  One thing we can say is that we have gone on this meal plan twice now and had fantastic results. The other that we have road tested is the GM Diet which is a 7 day meal plan and the weight literally melted off. This is something else that you may be interested to check out. Keep scrolling now for a short video that gives a Military Diet review.

Whilst we have personally had enormous success on this diet, it is a quick fix rather than a long term solution. It will give you the confidence and motivation to perhaps make changes to your diet that will be more sustainable. We have found a video that shows you the experience of  another.

She embarked on the diet with her grandmother and they give their feedback and also the results they achieved. It will be helpful for you to watch if you are considering trying this meal plan to see what you can expect. To view the video, click Play above ^^^

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Military Diet 3 Day PlanIt’s the food combinations in the Military Diet that make it work so well. If you want the maximum results, you must stick to the recommendations. If you start to sub out ingredients or leave them out altogether because you don’t like them, you will not achieve the optimum results. We have also included some top tips on how you can lose 10 pounds in two weeks if you would like to take things a little slower. You can grab the chart from Upcoming Health below.


Be sure to Pin your Military Diet Meal Plan below. It shows you all the ingredients you will require including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Again, it’s the combination of the ingredients that makes it work so follow it to the letter. If you would like to know more ways to lose weight quickly and easily, check out our popular post below.

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Military Diet Review

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