Military Diet 3 Day Meal Plan That Really Works

Sometimes you just need to drop a few kilos quickly and easily. You might need to drop the pounds before surgery or you might like to drop a dress size for that special occasion. Whatever your reason, this Military Diet will be top of your list to check out and we’ve tried it and know it works!
Military Diet

This Diet has been an Internet Sensation!  You can Lose Up To Ten Pounds In Three Days with the Military Diet. We have not used this Diet Plan, nor are we recommending it.  We have however tried the 7 day GM Diet that is at the bottom of the page and we had amazing results losing 9 kilos the first time and 7 kilos the second.

The GM Diet is a 7 Day Plan. We are simply sharing something that has been popular on the Internet, that we thought may be of interest. Remember these types of diets are good for one off situations or to give you some motivation by shedding a few kilos quickly.Military Diet 3 Day Plan

This Diet is apparently used by Military Recruits according to the Blogger when they need to get in shape fast!  Of course, there is no substitute for long term lifestyle changes.  Weight is also not likely to stay off unless you look at lowering daily calorie intake.

It is up to you to make your own investigations and please consult a Doctor or Dietician before making changes to your diet.  We have found a person who has gone through the diet and has charted her results. Check out what she has to say Here – Military Diet Results – Good luck and let us know how you go! Infographic via Fitneass Military Diet Breakfast Day

Military Diet 3 Day Plan

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Military Diet Review

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Military Diet Lose Up To Ten Pounds In Three Days

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