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  • Upcycle old cutlery into Butterfly and Flower Art Work for your garden. Check out the clever Spoon Planter Hooks too!

  • Turn bookcases on their side, add a cushion and create this handy storage bench. You’ll be so organised and how good does it look, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that you’ve created yourself. View the other amazing ideas while you’re here, you’re going to love them.

  • It’s easy to grow Cucumbers from seeds and you can grow them vertically or on a trellis for a bigger crop in a smaller space. Learn how to grow Zucchinis as well!

  • This Miniature Fairy Farm is easy to create and the kids can even grow some veggies in it! Try the Teacup Fairy Garden, Wheelbarrow Garden and Fairy Garden in an Old Chair as well.

  • You will love this amazing one ingredient cleaner that will give you out of this world results when cleaning your stove and you use ziplock bags and soak overnight. This is a Miracle in a bag!

  • This handy DIY fold down Murphy Bar is a great space saver and perfect for all your outdoor wining and dining.

  • This Pallet Fold Down Outdoor Bar is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining area! and it’s an easy upcycle. Check out the Pallet Wine Bar too!

  • PVC Tube Planting is so much fun and it’s inexpensive! We’ve included a Hanging Gutter Garden, Green House and Strawberry Vertical Planters for you to try.

  • If you love Strawberries (and who doesn’t!) now you can grow your own supply of fresh Strawberries with this simple planter that requires only one Pallet to put it together. You don’t even need to be an expert handyperson. Learn how to make a Strawberry PVC Tube Planter as well, it’s a fantastic and very versatile vertical gardening idea that saves on space.

  • Turn your unwanted swing set into a fantastic chicken coop! What a great upcycle this is! Get the tutorial now.

  • Make your own cleaning products and save a small fortune. Learn how to make your own Laundry Detergent Tablets and Toilet Bombs too!

  • Repurpose those old Tyres (Tires) into fantastic Garden Planters. Fill them with your favourite flowers, herbs or succulents. Don’t miss the Tractor Tyre Fish Pond too!

  • This Essential Oil Flea Collar is the perfect way to keep the pests at bay on your Furbaby! We’ve also included Homemade Flea Powder and Flea Prevention Treats!

  • You’ll love to turn an old Dresser into this fabulous and functional Bench Seat. It will look great at your place!

  • There will be plenty of fun to come in this Spinning Teepee and won’t the kids love it. It’s the perfect gift !

  • You’ll be so organised with this PVC Garage Tool Organiser. It’s easy and inexpensive to make plus a fantastic use of space. You’ll be so organised! Be sure to also view the Plate & Hose Garden Flowers, it’s a brilliant way to hide an ugly duckling fence or shed and turn it into a beautiful feature.

  • A Himilayan Salt Lamp is a must have and we love this Basket version that looks very stylish. It’s a great price point too!