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  • You’ll love to learn how to make a succulent clay pot sphere and it will look amazing in a favorite spot in your garden. Watch the video now and see how to make a Clay Pot Wreath too. You are going to love these easy projects.

  • Sweet Potato Vines are gorgeous. The color and the ornamental leaf really is a sight to behold and it grows like crazy. See how you can grow your own in no time at all in water and also in soil. We show you both ways. Click the link now to watch the video and check out all the ideas.

  • This Herb Wall Planter Wall is an easy project that will be completed in a few hours. You can grow herbs even in a small space and you will have a continuous supply of your favourites on hand. Check out the other Herb Stand and learn how to freeze herbs too.

  • Brighten up your walls and fences with these fabulous Dragonflies that are made from table legs and ceiling fan blades. They are so easy and we have a video tutorial that shows you how. Check out all the versions now.

  • How would you like to make your own personal Smoker? This is such a simple version using a Clay Flower Pots and it couldn’t be easier. We even have a video tutorial to show you how. We have also included the ultimate smoking guide chart that you won’t want to miss. Check out the ideas now!

  • We have 2 of the best ways to clean your sink and you are going to love the results. We also have the ultimate pot and pan cleaning guide and show you a 2 ingredient recipe that will ensure that your stainless steel appliances look like new. See how to fix a burnt pan too! Click the link now.

  • Upcycle Wine Bottles into these fantastic Succulent Planters. We’ve also included how to cut glass bottles 3 different ways. You will not want to miss this quick video and you will love the ideas we have picked out for you. Check them all out now.

  • Everyone loves Strawberries and now you can grow your own at home with this very clever Vertical Tube Planter made out of PVC. You will be able to make this quickly and easily. Check out the quick video tutorial too.

  • Learn how to trick your flowers into thinking it’s Spring when it’s really Winter! Now you won’t have to wait for your favourite blooms .. watch the video that shows you how you can force the bulbs in water! It’s the Florists trick you won’t want to miss and can be used for all your favourites. Check out the Rainbow Roses too!

  • Resurrect a broken pot and turn it into a fabulous Fairy Garden for your backyard! You are going to love the amazing ideas we’ve included for you! Check out the Terrariums too.

  • Learn how to turn one Hydrangea into 5 with this must view video. You will be gardening like a Pro in no time with these tips and tricks. Learn how to change their color too.

  • Learn how to make gorgeous Succulent Turtles for your garden. They are so cute and they will certainly get your neighbors talking. Check out all the amazing ideas now and watch the video too.

  • Add some colour and character to your garden with these Teacup Tire Planters! They’re a fun recycling project and they are easy when you know how. Watch the video and learn how to cut the tires easily.

  • If you suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome you will not want to miss these all natural remedies including the legendary ivory soap and socks trick that really works. Check out all the remedies now and Pin your favorites.

  • This Dry Dog Shampoo is better for your dog’s skin than frequent washing which can dry them out. Give it a try and don’t miss the video and Dog Flea Shampoo either.