Plate Flowers Garden Art Looks Amazing

Do you have an ugly shed or fence that could do with some brightening up? Why not add some adorable Plate Flowers Garden Art and bring some colour and cheeriness to your home and garden. You will love this very easy DIY.

Plate and Hose Flower Garden Art

There are so many These Plate & Hose Garden Flowers will look fabulous in your backyard and they’re so easy to recreate yourself! You can upcycle old dishes as shown in the photo above and use a heavy duty glue to attach pieces of garden hose.  Create a little loop to give the effect on the stems. Scroll our page to view them all!

Garden Hose Flower Art Projects

Source via ‘Hammers & High Heels’ | Source

Plate and Hose Flowers FB

get tutorial >> Plate and Hose Flowers

Garden Hose Flower Art

get tutorial >> Garden Flower Art Tutorial

Glass Garden Art Flowers

get tutorial >> Glass Garden Art Flowers Tutorial

Spoon Flowers

get tutorial >> Cutlery Flowers Tutorial

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