Denim Jeans Planters Watch The Video Tutorial

Learn how to upcycle jeans into Denim Jeans Planters. They look amazing and will be the talk of your neighborhood!

Jeans Planters

If you are like us, you have loads of old jeans hanging around your home that you no longer wear. Maybe they don’t fit or are ripped .. whatever the case, we have found an awesome upcycle for them.

You are going to be so excited by this very easy DIY and they will be the talk of your garden! They will add a real touch of whimsy and guarantee to put a smile on everyone’s face! Scroll our page for lots of different versions and be sure that you watch the video tutorial that we have included too.Upcycled Jeans Planters

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Denim Jeans Planters Video

We have included a Video Tutorial that will show you how to add some plants to your pants! To view the video click Play above ⇑

Jeans Planters

Our member Joanne made her own fantastic Denim Jeans Planter Band!  She sat them on a garden bench and how good do they look! As you can see, they really bring the space to life!

Jeans Planters

Camo and Jeans Planters

Camo Jeans Planters via Pinterst

Jeans Planters

via  The Gardening Cook

Jeans Planters

 Old Jeans Planters via Pinterest

Jeans Planters

Recycled Jeans Planters  via Pinterest

Jeans Planter

Jeans Planters via Pinterest
Jeans Planters
 Denim Jeans Planters via ‘Somethin from Nothin’

Jeans Planters

Denim Jeans Planters via Pinterest

Upcycled Jeans Planters

via New Girl On The Blog

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Here’s another awesome tutorial that you are going to love. Everyone has gone crazy for these Head Planters. Check them out at the following link —>  Head Planters Tutorial

Head Planters

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