Succulent Dresser Planter Is A Super Easy DIY To Try

We have some serious love for this fabulous Succulent Dresser and it will look brilliant in a favorite space at your place!

Succulent Dresser

We were blown away when we came across this incredibly easy and fabulous idea. It’s the perfect use for that old Dresser that is hanging out in the shed. Now, rather than collect dust and deteriorate, you can put it to good use!

It’s absolute genius using that thrift store find as a planter and we are sure your mind is ticking over with ideas too! You could upcycle old kitchen cabinets and drawers, in fact anything at all. We particularly love this version and the mirror is a giant focus reflecting the surrounds.  Imagine popping this on a verandah or outdoor entertaining area. It would certainly be a talking point. The succulents look amazing and will take very little upkeep. You could use annuals or herbs too!Succulent Dresser

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Succulent Dresser

Images via  ‘Grizzly Bear Modern’

The above images are from Blog, Grizzly Bear Modern, it has since been removed. The best way to plant out your Succulent Dresser is to line out your drawers with plastic garbage bags and then punch some drainage holes through the base. Then it’s a matter of filling up with soil and your plantings as usual. Bear in mind, this is not a forever piece. It will deteriorate over time due to the soil and the water.

Did you know that you can multiply your succulents? Rather than purchase, we have found a simple way to grow succulents quickly and easily. Continue scrolling for the video.

How To Multiply Your Succulents Video Tutorial -:

Click Play above to see how you can have an endless supply of Succulents. Watch the video now ⇑

Upcycled Dresser Planter

Upcycled Dresser Planter via ‘Eclectically Vintage’

Here’s another gorgeous example. The Blogger has painted up her dresser and filled it with very pretty flowers. What a stunning creation and so easy too!

How To Propagate Succulents

How To Propagate Succulents via Desima

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