Succulent Planters The Cutest Collection Around

Fill your favourite cups with Succulents and you have the cutest Planters on the block. You are going to love our post that’s filled with endless inspiration!

Succulent Planters

Repurposed odd china cups make gorgeous little planters for succulents and cacti.  They’re low maintenance plants but add the perfect touch of greenery and colour to any indoor space.

Be sure to scroll our page and check out the coffee pot and vintage truck versions too and be sure to Pin your favourites.Teacup Succulent Planters

How To Make Teacup Succulent Planters -:


Teacups – if you don’t have any on hand head to the Junk Shop where they are cheap!

Cacti or succulents  – they are very low maintenance and hard to kill!

Small pebbles or stones

Cactus soil

Broken shells, aquarium rock, marbles for decoration Teacup Succulent PlanterYou can find a detailed Tutorial on the ‘Tatooed Martha’ Site —  Teacup Succulent Planters

Coffee Pot TerrariumHere’s another great idea – check out this project now —  Coffee Pot Tutorial 

Succulent BricksLove these Brick Succulents from ‘Cactus Jungle’

Troll Succulents The WHOotWe found these  Troll Succulents on ‘Cactus Jungle’

Truck Succulent PlantersWe found these  Truck Succulent Planters on Pinterest

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