Succulent Turtle Planter Watch The Video Tutorial

Add personality to your garden with an amazing Succulent Turtle Planter. It’s guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Succulent Turtle Planter

You won’t need a green thumb to make a Succulent Turtle Planter and won’t they look gorgeous in your garden! It’s an easy DIY and they will bring so much personality to your yard. You can even pop a straw hat on the head for a super cute look like the one we have featured above. The body is made with a wire garden hanging basket, a planter saucer or plate with holes for drainage.

You will also need some chicken wire and panty hose. Chances are you probably have these items already hanging around your shed! They are inexpensive to make and look great.

Succulent Turtle Planter

via Gardening In The Shade

We love this super cute version and the Blogger has used Clay Pots for the feet which stabilizes your Turtle nicely. You can then grow some moss over them if you like.

Succulent Turtle Planter Topiary

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Succulent Turtle Planter

We have also included a Video Tutorial to show you just how easy they are to make. Be sure that you scroll our page all the way to the end. We don’t want you to miss a single great idea!

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Succulent Turtle Succulent Turtle

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Turtle Succulent

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Succulent Turtle Planter

Succulent Turtle Planter via Simply Succulents


Succulent Turtle Planter Topiary Video

Simply Succulents have created a very informative Video that shows you how to create your own Succulent Turtle Planter. It’s a simple process and you are going to absolutely love the results. They would make a great gift for a garden-loving friend or family member. To watch the video, click Play above ⇑

Succulent Turtle Planter

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Succulent Turtle Planter

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