Toilet Roll Bird Feeder Crafts Video Tutorial

Here’s the perfect use for all those empty toilet rolls that haunt your home! You’re going to love this easy DIY.

Toilet Roll Bird Feeders Craft

Are you like most? Are your cupboards filled with empty toilet rolls? Well, we have found a great way to put them to good use and your feathered friends will be so happy! Did you know that they come in very handy as bird feeders? We were thrilled when we discovered this great idea and it couldn’t be easier.

We have seen a number of ideas on line. Some smother Peanut Paste on the Toilet Paper Tube and then roll in bird seeds. The other is to use Honey as your base. This will ensure that all the seeds hang on and it’s a better choice for the birds.

Toilet Roll Bird Feeders

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As you can see by the photos above, you can slip them over small branches on trees and it’s the perfect place for the birds to perch. They can peck away to their hearts content. You will need to keep an eye on them and when they look like they are nearing the end, replace them. The cardboard will start to deteriorate and you don’t want to cause harm to the birds.

Given that you will never run out of toilet paper rolls, it’s the perfect use for them. We have included a short video tutorial below. Keep scrolling for details and be sure to watch.

Toilet Roll Bird Feeder Crafts Video

Making your Toilet Roll Bird Feeder couldn’t be easier. Click Play above to view now ⇑

Here’s what you need -:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Bird Seed

  • String

Toilet Roll Bird Feeders Craft 1

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Here’s another great idea, you can wire a couple of branches together and hang them off a tree. Simply slide your Toilet Paper Rolls over the branches. It looks great and the birds will love it!

Another easy idea is to cut some slits in a Plastic Soda Bottle using a craft knife. Next, push your wooden spoons through the bottle until they are inserted like the photos below. Fill your bottle with seed and hang it in a shaded part of your garden for your feathered friends to enjoy.Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

 Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder via Disney


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