Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas That You Will Love

You can make the cutest Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden for your home so easily when you use these beautiful ideas ..

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy Gardens add a magical touch to your home and garden and there are just so many beautiful ways that you can present them. One of our favorite ways is to plant a wheelbarrow fairy garden.

We especially love the BHG wheelbarrow garden and today we are going to show you how you can make your very own using a few simple items that are probably already hanging around your home.You can place it under a tree or create a beautiful backdrop. You could even light your fairy garden up for a truly magical look! Scroll our post for more amazing ideas.

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Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden IdeasThere are so many ways to display your wheelbarrow fairy garden and you can use a new wheelbarrow or an old vintage one. You can paint it up or leave it rusty. You can also find how to make a popsicle stick fairy door in another of our popular posts.

We have found a short video tutorial that shows you how to turn your old wheel barrow into a gorgeous focal point for your garden or patio. You will love seeing how the different elements mesh together like how the creator The Seasonal Home used colorful buttons for the fairy pathway. This is just one of the super cute ideas that we love. To view the short video click Play below …

How To Make Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

here’s what you will need -:

— Vintage wheelbarrow

— Medium-size pea gravel or river rock

— A piece of screen material cut to fit the bottom of the wheelbarrow

— Potting soil

2. Select Fairy Garden Plants

You can select from a number of fairy garden plants. They grow best in a sunny morning spot with some afternoon shade. If there’s no shade it’s best to stick with sun-loving succulents, annuals, and herbs. 

3. Prepare the Wheelbarrow

In the bottom of the wheelbarrow, drill five to seven holes for drainage to prevent your plants’ roots from rotting in soggy soil.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

via BHG

4. Add Drainage Pebbles

Cover the bottom of the wheelbarrow with screen to contain the soil, then fill the base with a layer of medium-size pea gravel or river rock.

5. Add Soil

Fill the wheelbarrow with quality potting soil.

6. Add Water

Thoroughly soak the soil with water, then allow the water to drain and the soil to settle.

7. Level the Soil Surface

Gently pack the soil with your hands or a shovel and smooth the surface.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

via BHG

8. Position the House

Form a base for your fairy house by placing a square tile near the back of the wheelbarrow. Position the house for your fairy garden atop the tile.

9. Add a Stone Walkway

Use scissors to cut strips of tile from mosaic stone tile sheets. You can also use buttons or marbles or gemstones to create your path as shown in the video above.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

10. Add Large Plants

Add fairy garden plants, applying full-scale landscaping rules: Begin with larger plants, then fill in spaces with smaller ones. The plants used in the photos above include a dwarf cypress, a small juniper, and a miniature pine.

11. Install a Perimeter Fence

Create an attractive border with a ready-made exterior fence or a homemade chicken wire version. You could even use Popsicle Sticks! To secure the fence, bury its base along the inside edge of the wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

via BHG

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12. Design Hardscape Features

Anything goes when it comes to designing your Fairy Garden. In the photos, an outdoor patio complete with a cozy fire pit is used.  You can even use a shallow marble saucer to serve as a pond. A glass dish, an ashtray, or a blue glazed saucer also works. To keep the pond water clean, wait until the planting is finished before adding the water.Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

via BHG

13. Fill Spaces with Smaller Plants

Use smaller plants to soften the edges of the house, path, patio, and pond. Allow space for growth, or plan to periodically trim the plants. 

15. Finish with Accessories

Have fun accessorizing your space. Just remember to be consistent with scale, and keep the scene in real-life proportions. You also can update the wheelbarrow design with seasonal embellishments — spring lambs and ducklings, summer garden produce, and fall pumpkins or scarecrows. You can get fairy garden accessories here

wheelbarrow fairy garden

Care for Your Miniature Landscape

Keep the soil moist to the touch but not soaking wet. To water, use a small watering can rather than a powerful spray hose that can wash away small materials. It’s suggested that you weed and water at least once a week. Give a good trim when your plants overgrow their spaces.

This Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Tutorial is via BHG

Fairy Garden

You can use anything you like for your Fairy Garden like this super cute wagon.

Wheelbarrow Fairy GardenWe found this Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden on Facebook .. adorable isn’t it!

Fairy Garden Lights

Here’s another cute idea we found on Pinterest – you can add some solar lights to your wheelbarrow fairy garden.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

The more colorful plants the better .. this Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden from 1001 gardens looks very whimsical.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas

Why not prop your Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden at the base of a tree .. such a great idea!Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow

This super cute Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden is from ‘The Seasoned Home’Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Our member Leanne made this Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden and what a great job she did!Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

This Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden was found on ‘Red Shed Vintage’Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow Tutorial

It doesn’t matter how rusty your Wheelbarrow is as shown on BHGWheelbarrow Fairy Garden

See how to use other containers to make a beautiful Fairy Garden —> view hereMiniature Farm Fairy Garden

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