Cupcake Frosting Guide Best Tips And Tricks

Learn all the frosting tips and tricks that will take your decorating skills to a whole new level! You will love these amazing Ideas ..

8 Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

If you love making cupcakes, this handy Cupcake Frosting Guide will give you the desired effect every time! You’ll be knocking out cupcakes like a Pro! You are going to love these clever tips and tricks.

In order to achieve the various effects, you will need different icing tips. Attach them to a piping bag, or use a zip lock bag and snip the end off. Wilton have some great Tips available at inexpensive prices. View them —> hereThe Ultimate Frosting Guide

Ziploc have provided this Frosting and Flavour Guide – They suggest starting off with 8oz of White Frosting and simply adding food colouring. Another tip they suggest is to add a tip to the bag. Simply fold over the top of the bag, cut off the corner, and place the tip inside for extra precision and swirly fanciness!

20 Creative Frosting Techniques

Ever wonder what Tip you should be using? This very handy chart from It’s a Baking Thing leaves you in no doubt which nozzle is required to achieve your favourite effects.

Cake and Frosting Colour and Flavour Guide

Cake and Flavour Guide via ‘McCormick’

Jello Frosting

Recipe and Images via Duncan Hines | photo source

All you need to do is add Jello to Frosting and you have a delicious icing that is perfect for all your favourite bakes. We love this great idea and it’s yummy too!  You can make your own Jello Frosting with this recipe.

  • 1-box jello gelatin
  • same amount of confectioner sugar
  • small drops of water
  • jello will need to be flavor match to cake mix
  • i.e. orange on orange, lemon on lemon
  • in mixing bowl combine sugar and jello with small amount dropped water
  • do not make it too thin, make it creamy
  • pour on cake and spread

Buttercream Frosting Guide

Buttercream Frosting Guide via ‘She Knows’

Frosting GuideHere’s a very handy Frosting Guide that shows you how to mix the desired colours via Food Network

Easy Frosting Tips and Tricks

Here’s a handy photo of the different tips that result in fancy bakery style decorating swirls via Glorious Treats

8 Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

8 Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

Here’s some great tips and tricks from Wilton regarding how to decorate Cupcakes. They show you 6 different flowers. To view, click play below ⇓

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How to make the best Buttercream

There’s nothing worse than sickly frosting that is loaded with sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Imagine being able to make your own delicious buttercream in only 5 minutes and in any flavour that you choose! You will love this easy recipe and you’ll also find loads of great information including a cupcake guide that has loads of tips and tricks! You’ll be decorating like a Pro in no time and you will love the results. Tutorial via ‘Handle the Heat’– How to make the Best Buttercream
We’ve all seen those gorgeous Cupcakes and now you can learn the techniques and make your own at home. Imagine the money you can save. You can make them for all your special events and even create a home business servicing family and friends. You will not believe how easy it is to achieve such Professional results! Click Play above to view the video from Cupcake Gemma ^^^

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