Easter Ideas

Easter Bunny fruit platter

You’ll love this collection of fabulous Easter Ideas that we have put together for you.  Be sure to scroll the entire page and then follow the end post to the next page. We’ve included Hello Kitty Easter Eggs, Easter Baskets, Birds Nest Cupcakes, Easter Bunny Fresh Fruit Platters, Carrot Patch Treats, Bunny Cob Bread Dips, Carrot Strawberries, Marshmallow Peeps, Bunny Butt Cakes and Cookies plus lots more easy and fun Easter ideas for you to make and bake.

Easter Bunny Fruit Platter

This Fresh Fruit Easter Bunny Platter is just what you need on your Easter table if you’ve had a little too much of the traditional Easter Chocolates!  You could also add some cheeses to complement the fruits.  It’s quick, easy and tastes just as good as it looks. Be sure to Pin all your favourite recipes and ideas.

get tutorial >>  Easter Bunny Fresh Fruit Platter

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Easter Bunnies and Ducks

get recipe >>  Pretzel Easter Bunnies and Ducks

Easter bunny rolls

get tutorial >> Bunny Rolls Tutorial

Easter Bunny Butt Cookies

get tutorial >> Bunny Butt Cookies Recipe

Easter Marshmallow Peeps

get recipe >> Easter Marshmallow Peeps

Easter Mint Patties

get recipe >> Easter Mint Patties Recipe 

Coconut Cream Pies in a Jar

get recipe >> Coconut Cream Pie in a Jar 

Pull Apart Bunny Cake Recipe

get recipe >> Pull Apart Bunny Cake Recipe

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

get tutorial >> Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

Easter Coconut Macaron Nests

get recipe >> Easter Coconut Macaroon Nest 

String Easter Bunny Basket

get tutorial >>  String Easter Basket

Candy Coated Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial

get tutorial >> Candy Coated Bunny Cake

Easter Minion Candy Spoon Tutorial

get tutorial  >> Minion Candy Spoon Tutorial 

Easter Carrot Strawberries Recipe

get recipe >> Carrot Strawberries Recipe

Easter Birds Nest Cupcakes

get recipe >> Birds Nest Cupcake Recipe

Easter Cob Bread Dip

get recipe >> Easter Cob Dip 

Easter Treat Carrot Patch Tutorial

get tutorial >>  Carrot Patch Easter Treats

Easter Egg Nests

get recipe >> Easter Nests Tutorial 

Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial

view now >>   Easter Bunny Cake

Easter jelly eggs

get tutorial  >> Jello Easter Egg Tutorial

Easter egg bread

get tutorial >> Easter Egg Bread Tutorial 

Easter Candles

get tutorial >> Easter Candle Holder Tutorial

Easter Oreo Cookie Suckers

get tutorial >> Easter Oreo Suckers Tutorial 

Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial

get recipe >> Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Lemon Meringue Nests

get recipe >> Easter Lemon Meringue Nests 

Easter Bunny Mask

get tutorial >> Easter Bunny Mask Tutorial

Easter Bunny Napkin Tutorial

get tutorial >> Easter Bunny Napkin tutorial 

Easter baskets

get tutorial >> Easter Basket Tutorial

Easter chick cupcakes

get tutorial >> Easter Chick Cupcakes Tutorial 

Easter Carrot Cake Pop Tutorial

get tutorial >> Carrot Cake Pop Tutorial

Easter Hand and Footprint Art  easter marshmallow pops

view now >>  Easter Marshmallow Pops 

minion easter eggs

view now >> Minion Easter Eggs  
Easter Rice Krispie Treats

get tutorial >> Rice Krispie Kinder Surprise Easter Treats

Easter Bunny Hand and Footprints

Bunny Cake Tutorial

get tutorial >>  Bunny Cake Tutorial

Easter Basket Kit Kat Cake

get tutorial >> Easter Basket Kit Kat Cake


view now >> Easter Strawberries 

Easter Egg Chick Nails

get tutorial >> Easter Egg Nails 

sock bunny

get tutorial >> Sock Bunny Tutorial 

Carrot Shaped Egg Salad Rolls

get tutorial >> Carrot Shaped Egg Salad Rolls 

Peanut Butter Chubby Bunnies

get tutorial >> Peanut Butter Chubby Bunnies 

Easter Bunny Treats  Easter Nest Eggs

get tutorial >> Easter Nest cookies HERE 

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Tutorial

get tutorial >> Easter Bunny Paper Plate Basket Tutorial

Cadbury Creme Egg Chicks

get tutorial >> Cadbury Creme Egg Chicks 

Easter Bunny Pancakes

get tutorial >> Easter Bunny Pancakes

Bunny Hand and Footprint Art

Hard Boiled Chickens

get tutorial >> Hard Boiled Egg Chickens

Easter Bunny Rolls

get recipe >> Orange bunny Rolls

Easter Bunny Bread and Dip

get recipe >> Easter Bunny Bread

Easter Egg Surprise Cupcakes

get tutorial >> Easter Egg Surprise Cakes

Rainbow Ring Easter Cake Recipe

get recipe >> Rainbow Ring Easter Basket Cake

Easter Ideas

view now >> Easter Ideas

Easter Bunny Basket

view now >> Easter Bunny Basket Tutorial 

Easter Bunny Bark Tutorial

get tutorial >> Easter Bunny Bark Tutorial 

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