Homemade Flavoured Water Recipes For Weight Loss

You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make your own home-made flavoured water recipes for weight loss and well being ..

How To Make Infused Water

Traditional soft drinks are the last thing we should be putting in our body. All that saccharine and sugar can really take its toll. It can affect mood swings, contribute to weight gain and in reality, it never quenches your thirst. It’s a quick sugar hit with no real benefits and will no doubt impact your waist line.

We all know we should drink 8 glasses of water per day to maintain our correct hydration. This can be harder than it sounds. The benefits of water are huge and it’s the fountain of youth aiding with shiny hair, clear skin and bright eyes.

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Naturally Flavoured Vitamin Waters - how to make infused water

Infusing Water is a great alternative and you can mix up the flavours whilst enjoying all the benefits. It involves steeping water with various herbs and fruits. This results in a ‘tinged’ water. This is not a full flavour by any means. This is certainly more on the subtle end of the scale but it is extremely tasty and refreshing in its own right.How to make infused water

As you can see by the above photos, the Blogger has included some great varieties including Watermelon Rosemary, Blackberry Sage, Pineapple Mint, Raspberry Lime and Citrus. The best part is you can experiment with different combinations and make your very own to suit your own palate, all the while knowing they are doing you good!

Infused Water Combinations

We have even included an Infused Water Combinations Chart that shows you the different recipes that can aid with minor conditions. For example if your digestion needs some attention you should look at Lemon, Orange and Mint. If you are suffering Blood Pressure issues, you might like to look at Kiwi, Guava and Passionfruit. A great Metabolism Booster is Cinnamon, Green Tea and Strawberry (Source)

Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Lemonade Recipes

We love these Lemonade Recipes from Pottery Barn Teen

Infused Water Ingredients

How To Make Homemade Flavoured Water Recipes For Weight Loss -:

So What Supplies Are You Going To Need? Let’s look at your Shopping List -:

  • fruit — whatever kind you like (except no bananas); make sure it’s good and ripe for maximum sweetness and flavor.  All kinds of citrus and berries and pineapple and watermelon work well for flavouring water. 
  • herbs — these are optional, but many herbs are a surprising complement to fruit flavours; almost any herb will work depending on your personal preference
  • jars or pitchers — The Blogger uses 2 quart mason jars primarily, but any 2 quart pitcher will do. 
  • fruit infusion pitcher–it’s another option if you think you’ll be making infused waters regularly; a very easy, tidy way to strain fruit from water.
  • fruit infusion water bottle–this is the perfect portable version so you can enjoy it on the go
  • muddler or wooden spoon for mashing fruit and herbs
  • water — The Blogger suggests filtered but regular tap water is fine if yours tastes good 

You can find the full details on the ‘Yummy Life’ Site where you are stepped through the process with excellent tips and photos. While you’re here be sure to check out our Ultimate Smoothie Guide too for more great recipes that you will love. You’ll find details further down our post so be sure to scroll the page for details and don’t forget to Pin your favorites

Full Details via  —> The Yummy Life

Fruit Infused Water 6 Ways

Here’s 6 more Fruit Infused Water Recipes from the She Uncovered Site and don’t they look delicious. We love these fresh and fruity flavor combinations that include Strawberry Basil, Blueberry, Lime, and Lemon Cucumber.


Here’s some more great suggestions from Newstart Smoothies – simply clean your fruit, slice it up and add to your water. Chekc out 10 of their favorite fruit combinations that we know you will love to try.

  • 1. Watermelon & rosemary
  • 2. Citrus & ginger
  • 3. Raspberry & lime
  • 4. Cucumber & mint
  • 5. Lemon & cucumber
  • 6. Pineapple & mint
  • 7. Strawberry & orange
  • 8. Blood orange & mango
  • 9. Kiwi & lime
  • 10. Blackberry & basil


via The Preppy Scientist

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