Homemade Condensed Milk With 3 Ingredients!

If you much prefer to make your own homemade everything .. now you can add Condensed Milk to the list and it’s just so easy ..

3 Ingredient Condensed Milk

Many of our favorite recipes call for Condensed Milk as an ingredient. How many times are you in the middle of your recipe and you are caught short? It’s certainly happened to us and probably you!

Now there is no need to do the mad dash to the shops. All you need is 3 simple ingredients that are probably hanging out in your Pantry and you to, can make your own Condensed Milk.

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3 Ingredient Homemade Condensed Milk

There’s no hidden preservatives and it’s as good as store bought! Who knew it could be that simple! Milk, Sugar and Butter or Baking Soda in some recipes. The Blogger gives full instructions on her site and as you can see from the pictures it is the real deal. You can access the recipe at the link below.  

We’ve also included how to make your own Butter with as little as 2 Ingredients. Continue Scrolling, be sure to watch the video tutorial below. You will find recipe details further down.

Recipe & video via Sruthi’s Kitchen

How To Make Condensed Milk Video -:

We have included a youtube video that shows you how to make your own Condensed Milk. Click play above ⇑

Prep time – 2 mins Cooking time – 12- 15 mins


  • Full Fat Milk – 1/2 ltr/ 500 ml
  • Sugar – 3/4 Cup
  • Butter – 1/2 Tbsp


  1. In a thick bottomed non-stick pan, add full-fat milk, sugar.
  2. Mix well and to a boil on ‘medium’ high heat. Do not let the milk to over boil.
  3. Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat to ‘Medium’ and continue to cook for 2 mins.
  4. Increase the flame to ‘Medium High’ and keep stirring and scraping the sides and bottom of the pan for 10 – 12 mins or until mixture is reduced to 40 percent of its original volume.
  5. Add in the butter. Let it dissolve into the mixture. Turn OFF the heat.
  6. Use it as required in the recipe immediately or refrigerate in any container for later use.


  • Use condensed milk as a substitute to eggs in any baking especially cakes and cupcakes.
  • It can be used in making rice puddings too.
  • Use the condensed milk at the room temperature when baking.
Images via  Manus Menu Recipe & video via Sruthi’s KitchenHow to make Homemade Butter

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