Easy sweet and savoury meals that are delicious and budget friendly.

  • These Lemonade Scones are one of the best old fashioned recipes in circulation and they taste amazing! This is the famous Country Women’s Association (CWA) recipe and it only needs 3 ingredients. We have included a video tutorial for you also. Check out the 2 Ingredient Biscuits too.

  • We love good old fashioned recipes around here and this No Bake Apricot Fudge Slice Recipe is a cracker. It really is heaven on a plate and it tastes great. Watch Wendy whip it up quickly and easily in her video tutorial.

  • It really is the one dough to rule them all and you will wonder how you ever got by without it. This Miracle Crazy Dough keeps for days and is perfect for breads and pizza bases and everything in between. We have a Gluten Free version too for you. Check out this easy recipe now and watch the video tutorial too.

  • Protein Shakes fill you up and don’t weigh you down. In fact by swapping out a meal a day, you can watch the kilos melt away! We’ve got a heap of pinnable recipes that are quick, easy and delicious. Check them out now!

  • Brussel Sprouts have so many health benefits but they are usually a hard sell to the family. That’s not the case anymore! Wendy from Wendy’s Kitchen has whipped up this fantastic 5 Ingredient Shredded Brussel Sprouts Bacon and Pine Nuts Recipe that is incredibly delicious. It’s super quick and a way to get the greens into your diet. Check out all the reasons why you should be eating Brussel Sprouts in our post too and watch the video.

  • You will love this good old fashioned favorite. This Weetbix Slice Easy Recipe has a cult following and it is legendary! It’s so yummy and a great use for those bits of Weetbix flakes at the bottom of the packet. Watch the video now.

  • You can whip up these quick and easy Mashed Potato Cakes in your Muffin Tin! You’ll also love the Loaded Mash Potato Cakes and the Cheesy Potato Pancakes. Be sure to watch the quick video tutorial too.

  • It’s another famous Country Women Association (CWA) Recipe. Our newest contributor Nicole shares her award-winning, Coconut Ice Slice. It has won a staggering 22 blue ribbons. You won’t want to miss this cracking recipe and it’s NO BAKE and easy to make!

  • Decorate your cookies and cakes like a Pro using this amazing Brush Embroidery Icing trick that will make stunning flowers so easily! We’ve included a short video and you won’t be able to wait to try this easy technique out!

  • You’ll never buy store bought Yogurt again when you learn just how easy it is to make a healthy version at home with 2 ingredients. Watch the video and see how to make Greek Yogurt too and see how to make it in your crockpot plus how to make the famous 2 ingredient Pizza Dough Base. Don’t miss this great post!

  • You may be surprised to find out just how good Hummus is for you. It is good for bone and heart health, reduces inflammation and digestion problems and is a super healthy snack that is guilt free. Our post includes 13 of the most delicious recipes by way of a handy Pinnable Chart. You won’t believe the delicious ways and flavors you can create. Check out the ideas now!

  • Wendy from Wendy’s Kitchen Table is back to share with us her world famous Cheats Vanilla Slice with passionfruit top! With only a few ingredients, you can create this Bakery favorite that tastes better than any store bought version. You will love this yummy custard and pastry treat and everyone will want the recipe. You have to try this delicious treat. Watch the video tutorial now!

  • It’s another legendary recipe that you won’t want to miss. Everyone has been going mad for this popular Passionfruit Slice. It is beyond delicious and you will love to make it.

  • It’s easy to make your own Puff pastry in just 10 minutes using 4 ingredients and one of them is water! Never buy store bought again! Watch the video tutorial and check out 4 easy ways to make the easiest puff pastry desserts.

  • This Chocolate Caramel Slice is an old family favorite and an iconic recipe. This is easy and delicious and with its thick biscuit base, it’s the ulitmate crunch. This is perfect with a cuppa and for when family and friends drop in. Everyone will want your recipe! Whip up a batch today!

  • You won’t believe how easy this stunning Unicorn Cake is to make. We have included a video tutorial plus a 2D horse cake and lots of other ideas for you to try. Stun your family and friends like never before!

  • Butter most certainly tastes better and you’ll never buy store bought again when you learn how to make it at home. You’ll love this all natural technique and no nasty additives. We also have the tip to softening your butter quickly without microwaving. You will not want to miss this, it’s pure genius. Check out the ideas now!

  • Fat Burning Drinks are more than a fad, they really work! You can sleep yourself slim and lose unwanted belly fat. Yes, you can be losing while you’re snoozing! We have been getting great feedback and you can flatten out your tummy overnight. Check out all the ideas now and Pin the charts!