Tipsy Tiramisu Recipe Watch The Video Tutorial

This Tipsy Tiramisu Recipe is a taste sensation and it’s the ultimate AO treat. It’s fully loaded and irresistibly good!

Tipsy Tiramisu Recipe

We just love Tiramisu and when we saw this AO version on The Tipsy Bartender Site, we just couldn’t resist sharing this magnificent creation with you. Be warned .. this is a strictly Adult only version.

It’s loaded up with Kahlua and Vodka which means it’s absolutely not suitable for the kids. To ensure they don’t get their hands on it, you might have to eat the whole lot in one serving .. we can do that! Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end. We have included a video tutorial and a homemade Kahlua Recipe so be sure to check out the ideas while you’re here.

Kahlua Recipe

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Tipsy Tiramisu Recipe

10 Minute Tipsy Tiramisu via Good To Know  Kahlua Recipe via Liz Moore Insider

Ingredients For Tipsy Tiramisu

2 cups mascarpone
½ cup fine white sugar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
3 egg whites beaten until stiff
1 ½ packs of Italian lady fingers sponge
1 ¼ cup strong coffee
½ cup Kahlua makes a strong tiramisu
¼ cup vanilla vodka

Tipsy Tiramisu Video via Tipsy Bartender 

This is a very easy, no-bake recipe that you will love serving up to your family and friends. We have included a video tutorial that will step you through the process. Click Play above to watch now ⇑

Tipsy Tiramisu Recipe

How To Make Tipsy Tiramisu Recipe:

Using a dish 7 inches x 4 inches approx, beat the mascarpone with the sugar and vanilla. Beat the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of sugar. Fold the egg whites gently into Mascarpone mix.

Mix the coffee (room temp) with the Kahlua and Vanilla Vodka
Dunk the lady fingers into the coffee mix until it just absorbs some of the liquid. Don’t do this for too long or they will break and become too soggy.
Place the soaked sponge fingers into the bottom of a dish and cover the bottom.
Place a Layer of the mascarpone on top and smooth down. Add another layer of soaked sponge fingers, and keep adding until you have used all the ingredients and made 2 / 3 layers
The last layer should be the mascarpone. Smooth over and sprinkle some cocoa powder and chocolate shavings on top.
Pop into the fridge for 2 hours or over night.
Cut into squares and serve ..  Enjoy!

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