Veggie Lodge Directions Couldn’t Be Easier

Looking for the Veggie Lodge Directions? It’s easy when you know how! This is perfect for your celebrations.

Veggie Lodge Directions

This Veggie Lodge would be a fabulous addition to any party table and it’s healthy to boot! You will have so much fun assembling your version and your guests will be in awe of your presentation prowess!

We found this fabulous idea on the Green Giant Facebook Page, talk about genius! It’s very simple to do and you can add your own touches! Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end and check out all the amazing ideas including the Edible Christmas Tree Platters and the Cherry Tomato Tulips too. Be sure that you  Pin your favourite ideas as you go!Veggie Lodge

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Veggie Lodge

Veggie Lodge via Green Giant & Veggie Lodge via ‘Facebook’

How To Make Veggie Lodge Directions

You need

  • Six 8″ carrot logs (1 front, 5 back)
  • Eight 5″ carrot logs (lodge sides)
  • Eight 3″ carrot logs (front)
  • Eight 1 1/4″ logs (by front door)
  • Four 1 1/2″ carrot logs (window opening)
  • Three 7″ carrot log rafters

Veggie Lodge Directions

Veggie Lodge via Green Giant
  • Sixteen 6″ roof celery stalks
  • The foam core board gable ends measure 8″x 6″ x 6″
  • The foam core board floor/base measures 8″ x 5″ (plus extra on the back for chimney if desired)
  • The window is made out of a slice of turnip.
  • Use toothpicks if necessary, in addition to cream cheese mortar to fasten cucumbers and celery.
  • Use bamboo skewers for stacking chimney mushroom “stones.”

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